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How to Cleanse & Charge your Crystals

The John of God pendants are really self-clearing so it is actually not necessary however it can’t hurt. If they get dirty though just a little washing up liquid and a toothbrush will give them back the sparkle. Anyway here’s how to cleanse crystals:


You should cleanse your crystals at least every 21 days. More often if they are being regularly used and if you are practicing energy healing, cleanse them between each client.

  1. Salt is a great cleanser. Submerse them in a bowl of salt water or a bowl of dry salt at least for a few minutes, overnight is better.

  2. If you don’t have salt water, at least put them under running water. I have a stream so I place mine in the stream while I meditate. Just under the faucet will work if nothing else. As you do this visualize all negative energy leaving.

  3. Blessed water. This is a wonderful cleanser. Just put a few drops of blessed water in a bowl of water and submerge your crystals. This can be blessed water from John of God or healing waters like Lourdes or one that I love from the Chalice well in England.

  4. Smudging is a Native American technique for cleaning negative energy. Holding a bundle of sage light the end and blow it out until it smokes. Pass the smoke over the crystals. Make sure you have an open window or door where the smoke can exit. Sage also comes in sprays which works just as well and is good when you are travelling and can’t smoke the room. Palos Santos is a wood that you can burn and pass the smoke over in the same way.

  5. You can get pre-prepared cleansing sprays. Usually these have Sage, Palos Santos, Salts, blessed water and other combinations. I have a spray in my shop that includes these agents and blessed John of God water. This is a great travel spray that you can quickly spray on your crystals and pendants.

Note: If your crystal is charged or blessed by someone, the cleansing does not remove any of this energy, it simply removes any negative energy.


  1. Leave your crystals out in the sunlight. The sunlight energy will be absorbed by the crystals and charge them with energy. If these are personal crystals that you don’t show to anyone, just make sure you leave them somewhere private.

  2. The John of God crystals are very powerful and you can take a crystal that has been charged with the John of God energy (blessed) and place the point of that crystal onto other items to charge them. I take the point of one of my John of God crystals and use it to charge all my other regular crystals.

  3. If you practice Reiki, charge your crystals with the Reiki energy.

  4. If you take a crystal to a sacred place such as a vortex in Sedona, the middle of a crop circle they will take the positive energy from that area. Just placing them on the ground, meditating there with them or putting them in a stream or body of water will charge them.

  5. If you visit a healer or guru that you like, you can take your crystals. Having them in a mediation session or asking the healer to do a blessing on them is great.

  6. The more time you spend meditating with them and spending time with them the more they will be in tune with your energy and the better they will work for you.

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