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Overcoming “Incurable” Conditions

Can you really be cured from Cancer, MS, Diabetes, Spinal injuries and other crippling and “incurable” diseases? On this trip I have people with minor ailments who are here to develop their intuition and connection, then I have others that are here literally fighting for their life because there is no other cure in the Western World. My heart goes out to all those who sent petitions or who are following, particularly those who themselves or their loved-ones are in a similar situation. It is very humbling for me to see how brave you are. To have faith and be positive is really your best and only bet. John of God says he does half the work but we have to do the other half. What does that mean? It means that we need to dig deep and look into what you could be learning from this. What emotions you may be holding onto that stagnate in your body. This is not easy. But start at your early childhood and go through all your difficult relationships, all your grief and pain, all your guilt and fears and try to understand it, process it and most of all release and forgive. Especially forgive yourself. Do this in meditation. Ask for the help of the spirit world, the Angels, of God or whatever you believe. Then you need to envision your future; healed, well and with a purpose to go forward. It is very important to have a plan for the future. How can you help others when you are healed?

I wish I could say that John of God heals everyone but no one can make that claim. However I have seen miraculous results, over and over. Sometimes it just happens, sometimes it takes time and sometimes you are guided to the “right” doctor or treatment for you. So remember healing is always possible no matter what the circumstances, no matter what others say. See yourself surrounded in love and treat this as the biggest blessing in your life; an opportunity to grow, learn and overcome all obstacles, because it is possible!

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