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Numerology for 2017

I am very excited for a Fantastic 2017 !!! I predicted 2017 was going to be an amazing financial year for the US. 2017 is also a 1 year which represents new beginnings, new ventures and pioneering. So this is a great year for starting a new career or a new project and in general for a fresh start.

How do I get that?

2+0+1+7 = 10 which is reduced to 1.

Last year was a 9 all about completing and finishing unresolved minutia, not the most fun! You can also calculate your personal year by adding your birthday with the year. For instance my Birthday is December 16th, so; Add 12 ( Dec) + 16 +2017 = 20 reduced to 2. However my 2 year does not kick in til my birthday at the end of the year, so until then I am still in a 1 year, which represents new ventures.

But we have free will and so you need to grasp the energy of the year and run with it. Don't sit back. The underlying energy will help you but only If you choose to use it and be in its flow. So you need to actively manifest your dreams!

Take this energy and use it by joining our Free Manifesting Experiment Starting Jan 1st. Commit to 20 mins a day for 30 days. You can follow along in my book but I'll also be posting chapters daily on my site.

More info what better day to start that January 1st in a number one year!

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