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Angel Aura Quartz

This beautiful stone is actually quartz crystal that has gone through a process of vaporization where a layer of Platinum is bonded to the quartz. This gives it the look of clear quartz with a metallic shine that resembles Angel Wings. It is used for meditation and for connection to the Angel realms. It is also known for protection, calming and intuition- why? Because it is actually drawing in the Angel energy and it is the Angels that are producing that sense of peace and protection. You are opening up your psychic senses and receiving intuition from your Angels and this is why it is great to use during mediation. It is associated with the 7th or crown chakra connecting you to Divine Realms. On a healing level it helps to clear the mind, to release stress and aid with headaches and insomnia. It lifts negative energies and protects you from future attacks. This type of clearing can remove many ailments from anxiety and depression to all kinds of aches and pains often associated with having picked up negative energy from others. The Angel Aura is actually cleansing the aura. It is also good at calming the digestive system which is often caused by negative emotions picked up from others. This stone is very good for empaths or clairsentient people.

As with many pieces, this is best worn continually for a few weeks. This is to give it time to cleanse your field and to strengthen your aura. You can wear it in a pendant and sleep in it or put it under your pillow when you are sleeping but try to keep it in your auric field for a while. After a few weeks your energy should be stronger so that you don’t need to wear it all the time.

Angel Aura is especially good in a Magician cut to enhance the channeling energy or a Vogel cut to enhance protection. If paired with other stones the Angel Aura works to increase the power of the other gems.

Clear quartz is easily blessed or charged with positive energy and so Angel Aura is a very good charging stone. If you can get one that is blessed or charged with good energy this will be extra special. Wear this if you are going to a spiritual place as it will absorb and retain the positive energy.

Even those that are not very sensitive can usually feel an Angel Aura stone.

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sahil pawar
sahil pawar
Jul 25, 2022

Really very nice blog.

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