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Frankincense – Christ Consciousness

Frankincense was presented by The Wise Men to Jesus because it was revered as one of the most precious oils of the time. Frankincense resin was used in the temples throughout and to anoint the altar. It was expensive even in those days and this is why it was significant that they would bring it as a present to baby Jesus. It was a sign that they believed he was someone of importance. Having magical powers and miraculous healing properties, Frankincense was used for curing many ailments. It draws in the Chris Consciousness and often a smell of Frankincense will appear spontaneously during high spiritual connection.

The smell of Frankincense is often associated with the presence of Jesus. When I did dome filming of the icon of Jesus that weeps oil there was a strong smell of both Frankincense and Rose. When the prayers were about Jesus we could distinctly smell Frankincense. When the prayers were about Mary we could smell roses. The icon painting did actually weep oil in noticeable amounts.

Frankincense is known as an antibacterial and antiviral agent. You can place it on cuts and scrapes or any place on the body that needs healing. You can also use a few drops on your altar or on a candle at any time you wish to bring in the Christ Consciousness. Even if you are not Christian this oil will bring in the presence and essence of Jesus. Great to use in healing and any petitions to spirit.

This is a beautiful present for anyone celebrating Christmas and for brining in the Christ energy.

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