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How to do a Crystal Healing Session

Use crystals to open and cleanse your chakras and rebalance your energy system. It is easy to do a session on others as well as yourself. It is also a great addition to do on your client before or after a Reiki session.

Basically you choose a stone or crystal that resonates with each chakra. Lay on your back for 20 minutes with the crystal over the chakra. I find that it is not necessary to turn over unless you have a specific issue on the back. The front only is usually sufficient.

If you have ever used crystals for healing you probably know it is quite difficult to get crystals to stay in place. As the client moves they easily fall off. I have found 2 solutions. Either use strings of beads for the chosen stone rather than one larger stone and lay the beads over the chakras.

Or The crystal pillow is a great invention that allows you or your client to lay on a bed and place a crystal over the chakra without them falling off. The Chakra Pillows have a pocket where the Crystal or stone can be anchored and then the pillow is placed over the chakra. I have found both small and large pillows.

These pillow are hand-made and filled with rice. The rice filling can be safely heated in the microwave to give additional healing properties. (Remove the stone or crystal before using the microwave).

Simply place the crystal of choice in the crystal pillow pouch and lay the pouch over the chakra. Then relax with soothing music for 20 minutes.

The small pillow is great to place over the Third Eye or Throat Chakra.

A crystal can be placed on the bed above the clients Crown chakra without a pillow (or you can choose a small additional one if you prefer).

The larger pillows are best for the other chakras (Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base)

If you have a full set of pillows, you can fill the pockets with all the chakra stones and do a full 20 minute session on all chakras at the same time.

If you only have half the number of pillows you will need to do use on 3 chakras for 20 minutes, then use on other 3 chakras for 20 minutes.

Choose crystals that resonate with the chakra. For instance a turquoise stone such as Larimar is a great Throat chakra stone. A red or black stone is great for the base.

For example

Crown Chakra – a purple stone such as Amethyst, - can be placed on the bed above the clients head without a chakra pillow.

Third Eye – A dark blue stone such as Lapis. Use a small pillow over the forehead.

Throat Chakra- A turquoise stone such as turquoise or larimar. Use a small pillow and rest over the throat.

Heart Chakra – A green or a pink stone, such as Jade or agate or rose quartz. Use a large pillow and rest over the chest.

Solar Plexus Chakra – A yellow stone such as Citrine. Use a large pillow and place just below the diaphragm.

Sacral Chakra – An orange stone such as orange Agate. Use a large pillow and place just below the navel.

Base Chakra – A red or black stone, such as Blood Stone or hematite. Use a large pillow and place across the top of the thighs.

Each stone is different and you want to choose them for your vibration if they are for yourself or for you to conduct healing on others.

I offer sets of stones that fit in the chakra pillows and I choose them for your vibration.

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