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CBD oil - Amazing Healing Properties

I recently discovered Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the Hemp oil from Marijuana. I had no idea how amazing this is. For centuries shamans and intuitives have been using Marijuana in healing and sacred ceremonies. But it is not only the Marijuana you might think of for getting high but more so the CBD oil which has the incredible healing properties. Big Pharmacies have been hiding this from information from us. You don’t get high of CBD products and it's completely legal. Still Big Pharmacies try to make you believe it's not.

This is why-

CBD oil has been used to treat some of the most serious health issues, very successfully-


It is also amazing for the SKIN and ANTI-AGING! I started using oils on my face and love it!

And it also decreases Menopause symptoms and other Hormone imbalances, aids with migraines and Insomnia. It’s a natural anti-viral and anti-biotic.

I started using these oils myself and love them. My skin feels amazing. So I wanted to offer them to my group. I chose to work with American Shaman who's products are 100% organic and of the highest quality but most importantly I found the CBD they use is of an extremely high spiritual vibration. I am offering three products and I am individually blessing the products so you can let me know if there is a specific healing vibration you would like them infused with.

Get yours now


CBD & Terpene Rich 100% Organic Hemp Oil Tincture With Dropper - Natural

This is the pure oil that can be used on the skin and it is the highest grade and of ingestible quality. This can be used to treat a range of issues as well as just for a rebalancing and vitalizing your mind body and spirit. It realigns the energy centers of the body and cleanses your chakras. it is recommended to place a drop under your tongue twice a day. If you have a serious condition such as cancer, you may wish to do this more often. It can also be rubbed on the skin, particularly over the area of the body that you may have an issue. It can also be used for spiritual and emotional issues. Size 15 ml.

this is the highest quality oil and click here for more info

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CBD Face Cream

CBD & Terpene Rich 100% Organic Natural Hemp Replenishing Face Cream

This is the one I have been using on the face and neck as a regular moisturizer. I use it twice a day and I absolutely love it. CBD is known to help restored the elasticity of the skin and give you that youthful look. It is also amazing for acne, blemishes, dark spots and lines.

Size: 2 fl.oz. (60mL)

Click here for more info

CBD Body Lotion

CBD & Terpene Rich 100% Organic Hemp Hydrating Body Lotion With Pump

This is an all over body lotion, rich is this healing CBD. This is amazing for blemishes, dry skin and just to revitalize and energize the body. Since the skin is our largest organ you are nourishing the body throughout as well the skin. You do not get high off this, just the healing and nourishing vibrations. Mother Earth Sends You Her Love Through This Amazing Lotion. Size: 8 fl. oz. (240mL)

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****Try all 3 products and I will add a FREE healing oil from Bali*****

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