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Can John of God Heal Everyone?

John of God sees people at the Casa on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. So many healings take place during the Casa sessions—physical healings, spiritual healings, emotional healings. Many people come to John of God looking to heal severe diseases like cancer or because a physical ailment has left them crippled and unable to walk. There is actually a room at the Casa full of the discarded old wheelchairs and crutches that people no longer needed after being healed by John of God and the Entities.

Many times people say they are cured by John of God, but not always. Why is it that some get healed completely and some do not? Some say because it is not that person’s karma to be healed, or it’s not that person’s real desire in their subconscious or higher self. Maybe they consciously think that they want to get well, but they’re either not prepared to put in the effort or it’s just not their life path. However, many people do receive miraculous healings from John of God and are returned to health. With some the healing is instantaneous and requires only the one visit. For others it requires several visits and changes to their lifestyle and way of thinking for completion.

Going to John of God, is not just about physical healing, it’s also about spiritual healing and continuing that path in your life. As a result, many of the people who have already been healed by John of God come back for a kind of tune-up or gratitude trip and just to be in the presence of John of God and to talk to the spirits in the current room. In fact, the more time I spent at the Casa de Dom Inácio, the more I realized that any physical healing is almost secondary.

Is there such a thing as negative entities? Well, I believe that negative or lower-energy spirits do exist; however, there is a lot of protection around the Casa. The whole town is under a vortex or triangle set up by the Entities as an energy field of spiritual protection. The healing spirits have set up this protective dome so that no negative energies can come within the boundaries. Very high, beautiful, benevolent spirits come through John of God, and you only feel beautiful energies when you are at the Casa.

Another way to talk to the spirits is to petition your requests to the “Triangle.” At the back of the Casa stage hangs a wooden triangle where you can pray to the spirits and also place photos, names, or notes for you and your loved ones inside. This triangle is said to hold the energy of the Entities. People pray to the triangle by putting their hands on the sides and bowing their head inside the triangle to feel the spiritual energy and to talk to the Entities.

I had brought my email list of my clients in Los Angeles. I decided to put a copy of the entire list inside the triangle while I prayed, and I asked the spirits for healings for everybody on my list. Whatever they needed. Amazingly, when I got back home some of the people asked, “Did you do something on your trip to John of God at 10 AM on Thursday, Los Angeles time?” They felt the exact time I asked for the spirits to help them and experienced the energy of love at that very moment transmitting from John of God in Brazil. They reported things happening like “I felt this amazing energy” or “I received a check right at that time, and you have no idea how much I needed it” or “I had sprained my ankle and it was instantly better.”

There is another healing triangle on the outer wall of the main Casa building that is dedicated to King Solomon. It is called the King Solomon Triangle. I found it to be a very pleasant place to just sit and meditate. One can also pray to that triangle, specifically communicating to King Solomon. There is also one for Saint Francis of Assisi which is where I like to place my petitions for pets.

If you would like a Distant Healing from John of God click here

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