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John of God crystal bed

The crystal bed light machine is a series of Vogel lights that pulsate colored light to the chakras. They act as a portal for the John of God spirits to work through. There are crystal beds at the casa. There are also people who have permission to have a John of God bed in the USA and you can take a session in the US. This is just as powerful. Many people report experiences on the beds. Anything from tingling, light headed, sleepy or warm feeling to out of body experiences. Actual visions are not uncommon. It is a great way to clear, cleanse,, open and align the chakras. This will help to clear health issues as well as emotional blocks. If a person has a question or a request, it is great to meditate on the issue before or during the session on the bed. At the casa many times if a person asks John of God for advice or an answer he will instruct them to lay on the crystal bed. For those that are healers themselves this helps to open up the psychic abilities many times. Most people who get beds use them for their business, often adding to an existing Reiki or energy work practice. However for those that can afford the luxury they are amazing for personal use as well. To get permission for a crystal bed you must go to Brazil or have someone take your photo.

For more info on crystal beds Click Here

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Hi! I would like to be approved to purchase. The deposit on your site says $300 but further down the page it says $5. Help?! Thank you!

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