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Adam Freeman - Testimonial

Thank you Adam Freeman for sharing this miraculous healing-- I met Gail for the first time in Raleigh North Carolina and it was the best day of my life. Before I go into what happened I need to give a back story on me. Five years ago I was in the hospital and was diagnosed with a disease that I would have for the rest of my life. It was not life-threatening but there is also no cure. It was something that I have to tell someone when dating and it made it very hard to date. During this five years I saw my doctor and he would prescribe me medication for it and also talked to me about it numerous times. When I met Gail she did a reading and knew everything about me. She knew that people from past relationships had not treated me right and knew about my relationship with my family. She said she wanted to get rid of all the negative energy. After she did what she did I immediately felt happiness and relief like something had been lifted. It didn't end there though for the next few days things were different and things happened. I met someone who is perfect for me in every way and I told that person about the disease I had because I wanted to be upfront and honest with them as I always am. The next day I went to the doctor to be put on the best medication just in case it was a possibility of dating and he looked at me weird and he was confused, he said "Why do you think you have that" and I told him because we talked about this and you have given me medication for 5 years. He pulled the test results up from 5 years ago they read negative I was completely shocked I tried to hold myself together until I got outside and I sat in my car and I just cried because I was so happy my first thought was I knew that Gail Thackray had done this for me. It still didn't end there the papers the hospital gave me are nowhere to be found. I have always kept then in a basket in my closet and they are nowhere to be found. Gail truly changed and blessed my life. Thank you so much Gail Thackray

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