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Colloidal Silver for Spirit Communication

Colloidal Silver is a solution made with tiny particles of real silver in a water solution. It is known as a miracle cure, an antibiotic and antiviral. It has been used for centuries. In fact years ago a baby of high standing would be termed “born with a silver spoon in their mouth.” This was because they would actually place a silver spoon in the babies mouth as they knew the silver particles would protect the baby from disease. Many people use a few drops of colloidal silver in the throat or under the tongue at the first sign of a cold and it really works well to ward off the flu. It is great to help the body recover from a bacteria infection. Some people use it every day to strengthen the immune system.

I have another unique use for it. When I first started as a medium I noticed that I would be drained of iron. This is because the messages from spirit are formed in a different way from normal thoughts. I discovered that spirit would use my mind and my brain synapses to form messages. This requires a tremendous amount of iron. Just a short but deep connection would deplete my iron. I was given the message from spirit that they could use silver particles just as well if not better. I tried a few drops before spirit communication and it works perfectly. In fact it helps to make the messages clearer. Now I always use a few drops of colloidal silver before doing spirit communication or deep meditation.

You can make colloidal silver with a silver ion machine. Basically the silver prongs are placed in distilled water and small amounts of silver are electronically deposited into the water.

I met a lady who makes the colloidal silver. I gave her John of God water that I bring back from Brazil from which to make the colloidal silver. This I feel is very special because not only does it have the properties from the colloidal silver but also from the blessed water.

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