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Blessed Crystals - Mediumship

Mediumship crystals are chosen by John of God (The Entities) for their powerful connection. Many people say these crystals are from deeper in the ground but the entities choose them for their power. They are used to help develop a person's mediumship and sometimes if a more powerful healing is needed. You need to first get permission to get a pair of these crystals. You do this by going in person to John of God or you can send a photo.

These are to connect you to the energy of John of god and the spirits of the casa. If you go to Brazil you will take these crystals with you to work with them in the current room

If you have never been to Brazil you want to meditate on something there to connect you to the energy, this could be the photo of the crystal next to John of God or can be the triangle over John of God's chair or a photo of John of God. Once you have been there you will just use your memory.

Practice with your crystals doing meditation with them as often as you can. They are your personal crystals and John of God says they are like personal beings, the more you work with them the more they respond. Especially try meditating at the same time the casa is in session 8am-12 noon and 2pm to 5pm on wed thu fri Brasilia time ( Check times as it varies through season, usually east coast session starts at 7am and west coast at 4am)

Hold the male crystal (usually slightly larger and thinner) over your heart and the female (usually fatter and shorter) over your sacral chakara. If you are not sure which is which ask your intuition.

Connect to the energy fo John of God by using the visual or your memory, now from there on imagine that you are sitting in the meditation room (current room) meditating. I like to first ask for all the things that I want to release, then afterwards ask for all the things I want to bring in. Talk to the spirits in your mind like they are there talking to you, they are.

Do as much meditating as you can. 20 mins is fine, but try to get up to an hour a day. It is ok if the session is not going on in Brazil you can do on these other days too.

John of God crystals are self-clearing so don’t really need to be cleansed but it is still nice to do that. Cleanse crystals at least every 21 days, put in salt water, or a bowl of dry salt or in running water (I put in a stream) but tap water will do.

To get your mediumship crystal click here


Gail Thackray

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