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Free Crystal Clearing Spray

How to clear and Cleanse your Crystals

You should cleanse your crystals at least every 21 days and more frequently of you are using them for healing. John of God crystals are self-cleansing however I would still clear them off especially if you are using them on others. There are various ways to cleanse your crystals:

  • Put in a bowl of salt water

  • Burry in a bowl of dry salt

  • Do Reiki Clearing

  • Smudge with sage & Palo Santos or blessed water

  • Put under running water ( a natural stream is best)

  • Spray with Crystal Clearing Spray

The night of a full moon is an especially powerful night to cleanse your crystals

Crystal Clearing Spray – I think this is a wonderful way for a quick cleanse. Especially if you are out or travelling. These sprays contain Sage, Palo Santos and other Native American herbs and blessed water. I also do my own spiritual programming to encode them for clearing.

Mini Travel size are $10

For the rest of April get a Free Crystal Clearing Spray with any John of God crystal purchase

A free crystal clearing spray will be included in all orders received by the end of April

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