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Using a John of God Crystal as your personal meditation crystal

John of God crystals have very high energy, so you may feel a lot of warmth and electricity coming off them. You may even get a spark of energy when you hold them that can be quite intense.

I was blessed to be able to go into the room where John of God does the surgeries or interventions and I got to sit as an anchor medium. I took with me some beautiful crystals I bought from the casa shop that are already blessed by the entities and had them in the room with me. I noticed when I came out they were crisp and sparkling. Some even have "phantoms" or other shapes that appeared inside. I love these, they are only small but they are very powerful. You can use them as a personal crystal. This would be for your own personal meditations to connect to the energy of John of God. Do not use your personal crystal on others rather keep this one only for yourself. Keep under your pillow when you are sleeping. Here’s a meditation you can do with your personal crystal

Crystal Meditation

Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed. Outdoors, in nature is a great choice. Sit comfortably with your feet and hands uncrossed and your feet firmly on the ground. Hold your crystal in you right hand, or if you have a crystal pair; hold your male in your right hand and your female in your left. With your hands facing up on your lap, imagine white light coming out of your crystals. This white light is beautiful healing energy. Imagine this energy, growing and growing, forming a bubble of light all around you.

Ask your crystal to connect you to Mother Earth. A place where your crystal was formed millions of years ago and visualize energy running from the crystal through your body and out from your feet into

Mother Earth, anchoring you and grounding you. Ask especially to connect you to the energies of John of God where this crystal came from.

Now hold one crystal over your heart and hold your other hand over your solar plexus. Feel the love energy that the crystal creates over your heart. Ask your crystals to clear any negative thought forms or any negative attachments in your aura. To clear your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Visualize your aura filled with beautiful white light energy of love from your crystals. Ask your crystals to now connect you to the Crystal Grid, the energy grid that runs around our earth and connects us to the spirit plane. Ask your crystal to connect you to beautiful spirits of the highest intentions, spirits from the white light realms. Feel the energy of your crystals connecting and merging with the beautiful spirit energy around you.

Now ask your crystals to work on any physical ailments you may have. Direct the energy by holding your crystal over the area where you are experiencing pain. Feel beautiful healing energy coming from your crystal. Visualize the pain energy going into your crystal and being transformed into positive energy. Ask your crystal to connect you for spiritual healing and enlightenment and allow the energy to flow through you as it is meant.

By placing your hand over your heart you are directing your crystal to work anywhere in your body or around you in your aura, for your highest of good. You may now ask for healing for any others. Simply hold their picture in your mind and ask your crystal to direct the energy to your loved ones.

Ask your crystal to continue to work on you, even after your session, in whatever way they feel is necessary. Now love and thank your crystal. Ask your crystal to bring you back into your physical body, to once again make sure you are grounded and connected to Mother Earth. When you are completely in your physical body and grounded, thank your crystal. Give your crystal a moment to lower the energy back into the physical realm and when you feel it is ready, open your eyes and carefully return your crystal to its safe place.

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