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Choosing gems stones for love

The gems stones that you wear in your aura or have in your environment can help improve your energy. So what gems help you to draw love? Often our issues in love come from old relationship hurts that leave blocks in our auric energy field. Therefore a gem stone that will help to clear and release old relationship issues will help to improve current relationships and attract the best new relationships.

Rose Quartz – this is the stone of pure unconditional love. It is the kind of love between a parent and child. It’s a very feminine stone, so a great stone to give your mom or your daughter. If you are looking to heal your heart, to love yourself and to heal pain and family grief this is wonderful. Gifting someone a rose quartz is literally gifting them love. Buy now

Spicy Romantic Love – to spice up your love life and draw attraction, you need something that resonates and strengthens the sacral chakra. Ruby Lavender is a great stone for this. This will also dissolve old negative romance cords that may stop you from moving forward. Buy now

Throat Chakra stones – in many instances communication is the area that needs improvement to help in a relationship. For this chose a turquoise or light blue stone. Larimar is a wonderful stone it is known for communication but it is also known as the soulmate stone. One of the most powerful stones I have found for the throat is the Bahia blue but it is a rare stone.

Intuitive relationships – I have a friend that tells me whenever she wears her Siberian blue magician stone her relationships are great and she insists on wearing it on date night. This is because it is a powerful third eye stone, so she is always guided by her intuition and she finds herself having a deeper more meaningful connection. This is also a perfect stone for a guy too! I have magician stones in blue, purple and green. The blue is for intuition, the purple connects you to Divine Source for a perfectly

guided connection and green opens the heart. Buy now

Green heart Chakra – the Tibetan green obsidian is a wonderful deep green heart opening stone. When the heart is strengthened and opened like this, it makes for a deep emotional connection. It allows a person to give and receive love. It is also a fantastic manifesting stone. I have a magician stone that is for a man or a woman and a Massive Manifesting stone that has a more feminine cut. If your man needs to be more emotional, the green magician is a great stone to gift him. Buy now

Clear Quartz – clear quartz and Angel Aura are great stones to keep your aura clear, so they make for great protectors of negative energy and also release old emotional issues. If you have hurtful relationships in the past and are afraid of getting hurt in the future this is a wonderful stone that will heal and protect. If you are not sure what you need this stone is always a wonderful stone that clears almost any issues.

Sacred Hearts Cut – the way the stone is cut can also help to draw love. The hundreds hearts cut is one that my friend Digby developed. He is a jeweler that takes the John of God crystals and makes high energy jewelry. This particular design was channeled to him whilst at John of God. When you look at the gem under a microscope you will see that it has 100 heart cuts to make the beautiful Sacred Heart stone. Buy now

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