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Free Healing to lose Weight

This woman lost 90lbs from a spiritual healing! Would you like to lose weight without diet or exercise? Sound too good to be true? I have so many clients that come to me that have excess weight problems. Especially around the hips and thighs or that stomach pouch. Actually you can do everything right; eat heathy, exercise daily but you are never going to get the trim figure you want until you release the underlying energy.

FREE distance healing details below

Often the reason that you put on weight in the first place is because you are holding onto negative thoughts and feelings in your energy field. It’s a sort of psychic protection. Where on your body you store this excess is going to be a good indication of the origin of the cause.

If you had difficulty with mom or dad or someone in your childhood you are going to put on weight around your base chakra. That is in your hips, thighs and butt.

If you have past romantic relationships that you have not completely gotten over or are having difficulty in a present relationship you are going to put on weight around your tummy area.

If you are very empathic and take on problems for everyone you are going to put on weight all over!

So you can exercise and diet all you want, those last few pounds are never going away and they are always going to come creeping back because you haven’t released the energy. The good news is this is just energy and energy can be sifted. I’m going to do a free distance healing on all of you that need help. Your job is to be open, forgive yourself and try to release and forgive all those you are harboring negative feelings for.

Once you release the energy you’ll start to shed those excess pounds. Yes you don’t need to diet or exercise but you’ll actually start to feel like eating better. You’ll have more energy and feel like doing more. But be gentle on yourself you might have little moments about your childhood or relationships as you release energy. It is a good sign it is leaving.


If you would like to receive a FREE Distance Healing, I will be doing it every day for 7 days starting on Friday eve Feb 5th.

Send me an email to put in the subject “Free Healing to lose Weight”

In the email put your name, date of birth, city and state (I need to know your time zone) and tell me the areas where you need to lose weight.

I will do it at midnight your time. Hopefully you will be asleep. If not just stay quiet for 15 minutes. Before you go to bed think about the people you need to forgive in your life and your hurts and pain. Say a prayer before you go to bed.

Even if you don't need to loose weight you can still join in. Sometimes this energy just remains as a darkness around you and can make you depressed, tired and anxious. Don't worry it will work for you too.


In receive In return I want your success email. Please let me know in the following weeks and months how this worked amazingly for you.

Please comment on this page, so that we can all help each other

There is absolutely no charge and nothing you need to buy. I am just offering this to my subscribers and their friends and loved ones.

Please share this with your friends and loved-ones.

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