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John of God Herbs

John of God sometimes prescribes herbs. The herbs come from a plant called Passiflora that grows by the sacred waterfall on the grounds of the Casa de Dom Inácio. They used to be given as a liquid, but are now more conveniently dried and in capsules. Although the same herb is given to all, the energy of the prescription is individualized by the Entities (spirits working through John of God) and the energy prescription incorporated into that person’s herbs. The herbs themselves have no medicinal properties. It is the energy that John of God infuses into the herbs that creates the healing energy for that particular person.

When you go in front of John of God, the Entity reads your energy and decides whether to prescribe herbs. In a distant healing herbs are often given. Herbs are also always given after surgery.

The herbs are taken three times a day. There are a few rules that must be adhered to while taking the herbs (usually about 40 days). Do not eat pepper (black or white pepper or any spicy peppers such as chili pepper, cayenne, etc.). The no pork rule was lifted by the Entities and replaced with a no fertilized eggs rules (most supermarket eggs are not fertilized). And no alcohol.

(The no sex rule is added in the case of a spiritual/invisible surgery, and if someone receives a surrogate surgery on your behalf but not if you have just been given herbs).

If you have questions about the herbs or about the healing of John of God feel free to leave a comment. Click here for Distance Healing

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