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Stones with Miraculous Healing Powers

Many of you know how much I love the blessed John of God crystals because the energy that the spirits have charged them with is so powerful. In fact anything of a high vibration such a gem blessed by a master guide, from a place visited by Mary or with the energy of saints or angels has this powerful high vibration.

Crystals and gem stones hold these high energies and if you wear them in your energy aura they enhance your aura and clear you chakras. Nothing negative or low vibration can exist in such high energy and so is literally raised or dissolved. This is why blessed gems can literally have a “miraculous healing” affect. We all have some pockets of suck or negative energy in our aura. If we didn’t we’d be angels. The best way to dissolve these is to send love and forgiveness to these areas of your life. However energy gems can help to strengthen these areas and assist you in the process. I often get asked which gem to choose for the purpose. So here is a brief on some common resolutions:

Protection – Especially for those clairsentient who pick up other’s thoughts and feelings. A clear quartz or Angel Aura are the best for protection. Anything blessed by John of God or a spirit of high vibration. The Vogel cut is specifically for protection.

Third Eye – A deep blue or purple stone will help to enhance your clairvoyance and intuition. This will also help you physical eye sight and will give you more direction in life. This is also a good stone to choose if you are at a cross roads and trying to make a decision about something.

Throat – A light blue or turquoise stone will strengthen your throat chakra. This will help with physical issues or the throat, neck, thyroid, also mouth, gums, teeth and ears. It aids communication so is great if you want to be heard in your relationships, at work or are writing a book or singing.

Relationships – The Ruby Lavender is a great stone for relationships, both romantic and family. It also brings inner love and peace. Also a deeper stone like a deep purple will help both with relationships and to give you more intuition in your relationships.

Abundance – A gold stone such as Citrine or Golden Topaz is great for abundance in fact manifesting all your dreams. Also a dark green stone like the Tibetan Green is great for business and manifesting money and career.

The Heart – for all matters of the heart; to heal grief and pain and to bring peace a green or pink stone (rose quartz) is wonderful. For those doing healing work as well a green obsidian is a beautiful healing stone. These stones will also help to relieve anxiety and bring self love.

Weight - When people have a hard time with weight it is usually because of other energies they are holding onto. If it is all over it is often from taking on other people’s issues and in this case the clear stones or stones of protection would help. If it is more on the hips and thighs it is more related to early family issues and you would be best with a deep purple stone to heal the family issues.

Cancer – For an overall health issue a powerful clear John of God stone can be miraculous. Also the heart green obsidian is very healing. Stones blessed by a saint or a powerful guide are the most effective. Such a disease cannot exist if the vibration of your energy is very high so you are looking to blast out your energy aura with very high and powerful vibrations.

If you want some help choosing a pendant, please email your name, birthdate, issue and I will help you choose

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