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Openning Energy Channels , Doing Attunements and Distant Healing

In this photo my arm is stretching to the God of fire. I said that was because she was receiving more passion in life. She said this was the word she held in her mind that she wanted. This works powerfully from a distance too. Doing Attunements. If you want a distant attunement to open the third eye click here

- Temple in jungle

- We will take a day tour far into the jungle. It's a bit of a drive but very worth-while. We will return to stay the night at Ketut's home.

His home is beautiful with private gardens, meditation space and temple as well as full service massage. And a tranquil infinity pool. For those of you who are not with me click here for a chance to receive a distant healing

Follow me remotely and receive the energy from the healers and temples.

You are on my healing prayer list so I will be presenting your name. Use me as your energy connection and meditate on what you need. If you have a health issue or you have a difficult life situation you can also get a deeper personal healing.

For this I will need your photo and petition.

I will do a healing session on you right away and then I will take your photo with me to all the sacred sites and healers and continue to work on you for the entire trip. I will bring back any stones or trinkets that feel resonate with you and have them blessed and I will mail those to you when I return. Normally a distance healing is one session, this is your opportunity to receive my entire trip, so get me your photos as soon as you can to receive from more places. To get an attunement click here

Tell me how is this photo possible? Look closely. One of my clients on the Bali trip posing at the butterfly garden. But look at the floating head of one of my other clients in her hand!!! They are both working on transformation and clearly they are working inter-dimensionally. Although a little freaky i assured them both this is fabulous confirmation and that they are seeing confirmation of other dimensions. This pic was snapped on her iphone- never seen a double image on an iPhone. To follow us and receive free healing from Bali click here

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