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Download Sacred Frequencies

We are energy beings and if we choose we can resonate with spirits, guides, Angels and even extraterrestrial energies if we want to tap into that frequency. Do you ever feel like a certain sacred place resonates with you? Have you ever dreamed of going to the pyramids or the ancient stone circles or the Holy Land? Do you “resonate” with certain saints or enlightened people? This is because you literally resonate with that energy. You “like” that energy or are drawn to that place or person because you subconsciously feel the connection.

You can tap into that power and align yourself with those magical abilities when you connect on the same frequency. People sometimes are aware that they have received a “download” or an “energy adjustment.” This is when you connect on the same frequency. Those of you that are doing psychic work or spiritual healing will be able to use this connection. It allows guides and spirits to work through you, bring you deeper intuition and enlightenment. Not everyone is drawn to the same place or the same energy. It is what “feels” right to you. Because your inner-self, knows.

You can receive spontaneous downloads or an energy connection when you go to a certain place or by praying on a picture or object from that place or person. Such as mediating with a crystal from John of God.

As I go on my spiritual journeys I invite you to receive the energy at a distance. As I travel I take my healing list with me to the scared places (if you get my emails I have your name, if not sign up on my free list on the front of my site). Do a meditation and ask to be connected to the energy. Once you feel that connection you will always have this, all you need to do it think about the place of person and invite them in.

An attunement is a step further. This is where a person such as a Reiki Master attunes you to the Reiki energies. You can also receive a psychic energy from a particular place. This not only opens your psychic senses but it particularly connects you directly with the source of that energy. When I do this at a distance for people at home, I either use a crystal or a person as a surrogate.

When I was in Bali I was doing some attunements at the Ganesh (Elephant Temple). As I tapped the sacred symbols into the subject someone took a photo and to my surprise my hand became an elephant truck. I thought this was a beautiful manifestation to show clearly how the energy from Ganesh was coming through. If Ganesh was an energy that you particularly resonated with then this would be wonderful to have this connection.

If you would like an attunement from one of the sacred places or with the healers I will be seeing, just order an attunement and let me know which you wish to be connected to. Click here

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