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Using and Caring For Your John of God Crystal

Crystals are formed over millions of years, deep inside mother earth. They are known to store and conduct positive energy and have wonderful healing and clearing properties. Quartz are known as the all-around powerful crystal for all purposes. Amethyst are particularly good for developing your psychic abilities and spiritual connection. Citrine is known for adding positive power to business and financial situations. Choose the crystal you are most drawn to. Often the size is misleading and may not be the most powerful. Allow the crystal to come to you.

These crystals are particularly special because they come from Abadiania, Brazil, the town where John of God, created his healing center known as “The Casa De Dom Inacio”. John of God, didn’t know why he was guided to this remote little town but he later discovered that the casa was sitting on a mountain containing a vast treasure of very powerful crystals. The love and beautiful power of the spirits at the casa of John of God can indeed be felt in these amazing crystals and I was blessed by the spirits to bring these home so that others could share this energy.

Please take care of your crystal. Make one your special personal crystal, only for your own healing and cleansing and do not use on others or even show it to others. Cleanse your crystal at least every thirty days by leaving it in a bowl of salt water over night. Or you may place it under running water for a quick cleanse. I like to put my crystals in a stream or natural running source. Putting them in the sun makes for a nice energy boost. Then carefully wrap them in a cloth or container. (Some cultures believe crystals like red cotton or felt material best).

When you are working with your crystal, hold your crystal over your heart. Ask your crystal to remove any negative energies from your aura and connect you to mother earth. Talk to your crystal and after a while she will talk back.

If you have two crystals you might want to make a ‘personal pair’. The larger, longer one will be your male crystal and your shorter or fatter one will be your female one. Or if you are not sure, ask them. Hold the male in your right hand and the female in your left.

These John of God crystals have very high energy, so you may feel a lot of warmth and electricity coming off them. You may even get a spark of energy when you hold them that can be quiet intense. Don’t worry, they only have positive energy and it takes a while for you to get to know each other. Communicate with your crystals and they will tell you how to take care of them and how to use them for your highest good to bring healing, joy and prosperity in your life.

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