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Associated with Chakras: Throat Chakra for Communication. Great to wear around the throat chakra in a pendant or earrings. Also connected with the Dolphin species.

Uses: Helps with communication of all kinds, writing, singing, speaking the truth, being able to talk to people and public speaking. Increases your connection to the spirit world and to receive messages particularly clairaudience (hearing spirit). And for help finding and developing true love. Wear it around your neck when you are writing, speaking or have an important meeting and if you are attempting to connect with your psychic abilities.

A wonderful stone for communication. In fact this is one of the best throat chakra stones. The color is the exact color of the chakra and it vibrates at the correct frequency helping to heal throat and neck issues and aiding with communication. A great stone for public speaking. Also helps with communication of all kinds including with spirit. This was the first stone that I was recommended when I started doing readings and speaking and I absolutely love it. For this kind of work a turquoise or light blue is the best stone and I think this is one of the best choices.

The only place on earth this stone has been found and is mined is the Dominican Republic. For this reason it is very limited and therefore quite expensive. I went to the Dominican Republic myself where I was able to get better quality stones.

It is also known as the Dolphin stone or the true love stone. There is defiantely a strong connection to dolphins or particular with those that have been healers in Atlantian times and it will bring out your abilities if you have lived a passed life there.

Some believe it is also the stone of true love and soul mates, so if you are looking for a soul mate this is your stone. Also a great gift for one you love dearly.

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Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
28 nov 2023

A very beautiful necklace, very eye-catching and luxurious design. doodle baseball

Me gusta
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