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Associated with Chakras: Throat Chakra for Communication, Third Eye Chakra to open your psychic abilities, Crown Chakra to connect you to Divine Source, Great to wear around the throat chakra in a pendant or earrings.

Uses: Enhance psychic abilities and intuition. For clarity, purpose, enthusiasm and ideas. Great to mediate with as it enhances your ability to focus and receive messages. Hold or wear around your throat or put under your pillow to enhance the upper chakras.

Labradorite is a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions, helps you to dream and determine the meanings of your dreams. It is a high intuition stone so wonderful for enlightenment and enhancing your connection to spirit. It is a clarity stone so a great stone to help you discover your soul purpose or to put you on your path. If you are at a cross roads right now it helps you to make decisions. Excellent for strengthening your intuition. Stimulates your imagination and creativity. Wonderful for writing, writers block and even automatic writing. It helps you with clarity, enthusiasm and new ideas when you use it to help you with a new project. A wonderful stone to use in meditation as it focuses your intentions and the messages you receive. It enhances your natural psychic powers and awakens the subconscious and this is why people thought this was a stone of the magician as people using this stone appeared to have “magical powers”. It is often thought of as a manifesting stone but actually it just enhances your natural abilities which helps you to be more guided and intuitive, thus enhancing your serendipity and synchronicity. So it helps you to naturally enhance your ability to manifest. The blue and green tones makes it a great stone for the throat chakra aiding your communication; your ability to speak confidently but also increase your clairaudience as well as heal any physical throat issues. It was first found in 1770 in Labrador Canada, hence the name but is now also found in Russia, Norway, Mexico and the US.

I have a few Labradorite pendants that I took to Rosslyn Chapel to enhance with Templar energy and then took to the Mungo sacred well for a blessing for good luck

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