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The healing power of Dolphins

Have you ever heard of Lemuria or the lost continent of Mu? Many spiritual messages have been channeled about this ancient time. Some believe it was one of the first civilizations on this planet even before Atlantian times. That is was a time that people understood energy healing. Illness was known as an energy in-balance and was easily “healed” by the adjustment of one’s energy using colored lights. Some believe Dolphins came to Earth to help the Lemurian people. That Dolphins and Whales came from Sirius B, a consolation in another dimension. Sirius B being a water planet was inhabited with Mer people; half human, half dolphin. The Dolphins came to planet Earth to teach love and they have continued through the generations to support us and teach us to love one another.

Whether you believe in this or not, I am sure you will agree Dolphins are very special, beautiful creatures that bring a sense of peace and love. They are known to be highly intellectual beings able to communicate with each other telepathically and talk to other dolphins several miles away.

Swimming with the dolphins helps to open ones heart chakra so one can receive love and feel more connected to Divine. Perhaps in ancient times they taught the Lemurian people to open their hearts and were an intricate part of the teachings of Lemuria and Atlaneus. Those who had past lives in these ancient times have a particular affiliation with Dolphins and Whales. If you love these creature, love the ocean and the color turquoise you probably have once lived in these times. Meditating with pictures of Dolphins can then open your heart and help you to receive a stronger connection to Divine.

When I first swam with the Dolphins I was amazed at how they swam together in synchronicity. It wasn’t as if one was a leader and the other’s followed. Rather they moved as one. Swimming down then making a 90 degree turn, perfectly timed and in synch. As one turned they all turned together. It was obvious they were connected telepathically, perhaps subconsciously, perhaps as one consciousness. Their minds almost seem to work as one. Yet once in a while one would break out and play with you. Swim towards you, roll under you on their belly and then swim off as if to say “catch me if you can.” They’d join the others and continue in formation. I was especially touched by the mom who brought her baby right underneath me to show her off. Perhaps she knew I was a mom.

I found you could hold a thought in your mind, perhaps a problem. It was as if a wave of knowing, a wave of love would come over you and you’d feel a sort of release. A feeling that as you swam with the group of these beautiful beings, you were receiving waves of love and a sense of peace was being instilled.

I found mostly I couldn’t connect one on one, rather my plight was taken by all of them together. Are these beautiful beings able to open your heart somehow? Are they able to heal?

There are certain places in the world where your vibration is higher, where you seem to be more able to connect with the Divine. For me the Dolphins place you in sort of a high energy love bubble that opens up your heart and allows you to connect with Divine. If you can’t be there with these beautiful creature, meditate on their presence. Surround yourself with photos and paintings of these creatures and ask for them to open your heart.

I am so looking forward to swimming with the Dolphins next week in Hawaii. We are staying at an organic farm on the west side of Oahu. This side is mostly know for the best dolphins spots. Very early in the morning they are most active and you can swim out with the wild dolphins.

The we are going on to see The Birthing Stones. These stones are found in the center of the island. They are known to have been used for royal birthings. However they have been used for thousands of years before that and their complete purpose is unknown. I believe they have great energy for conception and relationships but also launching a new project.

Then on to the beautiful waterfalls of Hawaii. I love waterfalls. For me this is the ultimate place for energy clearing. For clearing and cleansing the chakras.

When you arrive in Hawaii you are often given a Lei. I like to take my Lei with me around the island taking energy from each place. Then before I leave I will take it to a very sacred place by the beach. It is a place where there is a blow hole. A place where water squirts up from the rocks. Placing the Lei here is giving back to the Gods of the island. A type of respect.

Follow me on my travels, I’ll be posting on facebook.

If you book an energy healing with me this week, I will take you with me on my spiritual journey all over Hawaii the whole week. So if you book a distance healing with me, add in your notes if there is a special blessing or connection you would like me to ask the dolphins about for you. Let me know if you have a new love or new project you would like to be presented at the birthing stones and what you want to release at the waterfall.

Before we head into town for the Body Mind Spirit festival we are staying on the westward side of the Island. Waianae is a small town on Oahu's leeward coast. It is known as the sunshine side of the island. Even if it is raining on the other side it is usually not raining here. It’s out of town from Honolulu and a bit off the beaten path for most locals. But I love it. It’s quiet and the beaches are beautiful.

We are staying at a beautiful organic farm. Where they grow and serve fresh vegetables and fruits daily. This is where I stayed last year when I did an Animal Communication retreat and we had an amazing time. It comes complete with a meditation gazebo in the vegetable garden and even its own chapel on the grounds. Plus lots of chickens and fresh eggs. And of course your own private alarm clock: the roosters.

This is the best side of the island for swimming with the dolphins. That is swimming with the wild dolphins in their native habitat. They are found in much greater numbers on this side. The experienced dolphin tour operators are usually pretty good about being able to spot them and find a good place to get a better chance of swimming with the dolphins.

Most of the dolphins you will find on the islands are the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are slightly different from other Spinner dolphins. (They are a slightly different color and shape). The locals call them “porpoise.” This is not to confuse them with the dolphin fish also called Mahi Mahi. I remember being served “dolphin” by a family in Barbados. I must have looked a little shocked and they quickly explained that it was a type of fish.

Spinner dolphins get their name from their impressive spinning leaps out of the water. Often they will spin multiple times before diving back into the water. It’s as if they love to play and entertain. They will often follow the boats, jumping out of the water and spinning in delight. They are more active in the morning and this is why most dolphin tours go out very early in the morning. They have their favourite swimming spots and visit almost daily close to shore. Other dolphins you might see are the spotted dolphin, the bottlenose and the rough-toothed dolphins. The Hawaiian name for dolphin is nai’a. Click here for more information on Tour to Hawaii

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