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True Purpose

Defining our main True Purpose, as well as other lesser themes and karmic lessons, enables us to see our life more clearly. Then we can more consciously direct our thoughts and activities to our True Purpose. Why does it help us to know our Life’s Purpose? After all, if it is predetermined, and we are stuck with what we chose, know it or not, what difference does it make?

When we are on our soul’s journey is when we feel completely connected. It not only brings us happiness and a sense of satisfaction, but on a much deeper soul level, we are overjoyed. When we consciously understand our True Purpose, we can actively get there much faster. We can direct our efforts to experiences that are more in sync with our Purpose. We can consciously choose experiences that we know will “feel” right. It helps us not to be so affected by the obstacles in our life because we can see their purpose and move on. We understand our underlying mission and can now make a conscious effort to get there.

When you have a clearer picture of what you are striving for, it is easier to stand back and view your life. You will start to see certain events that you have manifested and the reasons why they’ve come to you. You will see your relationships more clearly and why their dynamics are the way they are. This enables you to more quickly process the information, feel the experiences, and release them. When we can see the big picture, the smaller pieces don’t seem so bad.

The more quickly we can recognize the lessons we’ve set up for ourselves, the more we can find the joy in life. Our purpose here is not to experience one nasty lesson after another. Our purpose here is to find joy in our lives. Our purpose is to experience love. Yes, perhaps we have to go through much to get there; but the game of life is to experience this love, this joy, this happiness, and to feel this beauty in our lives.

Being off-track brings us a feeling of boredom, depression, hopelessness, and a feeling of being “lost.” In fact, when we lose our way, we can become so depressed that we may even want to give up on life and return to Heaven. We can actually create illnesses in our physical body from a spiral of negative energy.

Our whole purpose is to get closer and closer to that wonderful feeling where we feel fulfilled, with purpose, and it brings us immense joy. Though no one can be living their True Purpose one hundred percent of the time. Being on our True Purpose comes in spurts, little moments, and meaningful events in our lives. What we strive for is to understand our True Purpose, to really connect with that purpose, so that we can experience more moments in our life of this true connection.

This is the subject of my newest book:

What’s Up with My Life?

Finding and Living Your True Purpose


Gail Thackray

Do you absolutely love your life?

Is your life fulfilling and exciting with great relationships, perfect health, the ideal job, and filled with abundance?

If not, this book is for you!

We are all born with a purpose–a mission in life, and when we know it and live it, life flows perfectly.

What is the meaning of my life?

How can I identify my strengths and life tools?

How can I more fully embrace my True Purpose?

How can I turn my hobby into my dream job?

How can I get rid of the blockages that are holding me back?

Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?

How can I identify karma that may be holding me back?

How can I have more prosperity in my life?

We are meant to live our True Purpose in abundance.

What is your passion and what’s stopping you from living your dream?

Practical tips and exercises for how to create a more fulfilling life.

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