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Using Crystals

I get a lot of questions about which John of God crystals should be used for what and how to choose the right crystal for your purpose:

Personal Crystals: take a pair of crystals, a female shorter one and a male longer one. Hold the male over your heart and the female over your sacral chakra and ask to connect with the spirit world. Keep these as your personal crystals and do not use them to work on others. I ask for cleansing first and then anything I want to bring in. Small or medium size are good for this. To me the personal crystals are the most important of all. If you only have one, hold it over your heart.

Crystals for Healing Others: Take the point of the crystal and run it anti clockwise around the chakra to cleanse the chakra. Small and longer crystals are better for this.

Distance Healing Crystals: To do distance healing on another, choose a large tall crystal. Envision the crystal as the person you are doing healing on. The point is the top of the head, the base is the feet.

Protection Crystals: a small crystal you can keep within your aura, like in a pocket is great. Or a crystal pendant is great and protects you while you wear it. The Angels are also perfect for this and make wonderful gifts to protect loved ones. You can put them under your pillow while you sleep.

Space Crystals: Larger crystals are great for clearing rooms or spaces. Just leave in the center of the room and they will remove negative energy from the space. For homes or work. Place one under the bed for better sleep.

Pet Healing Crystals: Animals absolutely love the energy of crystals. Take a small crystal and place it under their bed or place a large crystal next to their food bowl.

Manifesting Crystals: You can program a crystal to be your manifesting anchor (like a lucky penny). Use a small crystal that you can keep in your pocket or wear as a pendant. An angel is also great for this.

Crystals to Remove Negative: generally crystals that are more smoky or have more inclusions ( I call it more personality) are better at drawing and removing negative energy.

Past Life Crystals: You can program your crystals to help put you (or your client) into a past life. Small crystals are better. I also love the pyramids. Get in a relaxed state. Place it over your third eye, count backwards from 5, relax and allow your thoughts to drift.

Mediumship Crystals: Real John of God ones are expensive but extremely powerful. You use them in the same way as the personal crystals and I give you a video clip from Brazil. You need permission first which requires that I take your photo to Brazil.

To get a crystal click here

Write what purpose you want the crystal for and I’ll choose you the perfect one when I’m at John of God.

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