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2015: New Year

This year I am so thrilled that it is finally an 8 year!!!!

How is this an 8 year? Well the very basic year number is simply the addition of the numbers

2+0+1+5 = 8

That means that for everyone the basic year number is a number 8.

What does this mean? - Well that is the good news. The number 8 signifies abundance! The number 8 is the best vibration for business, success, power and of course bringing in the green stuff. This means that in general everyone should be better off this year. The economy should improve and everyone should have an easier time in business, in their careers and be able to manifest more easily and be in the flow of money.

We all have our own individual numbers as well. This is based on our birthday, our astrology sign and even the number vibration of our name. But everyone has this basic year vibration that will help to propel us and give us the energy to complete projects and get things moving.

I don’t believe in being superstitious and using numerology and astrology for negative influences and to fear things, rather to be able to use the positive influences to help us to get in sync with the universe at the time. This is a great year to allow ourselves to use the energy of the time. Go with the flow, say “yes” to every opportunity because this year you are being guided!

Last year was a number 7, which is about spiritual enlightenment and self- discovery. So many of you will have found yourselves, planning and researching. Maybe travelling or experiencing new things. Perhaps learning your soul purpose but perhaps you couldn’t quite get there or you haven’t been able to live your soul purpose in abundance. That’s what the 8 year is here to do. So now is a great time to make your final plans before the New Year launches.

A New Year is always a great time to turn over a new leaf and set your goals. So I am very excited to be offering my Manifesting Online Course FREE. I am doing this January 1st! What better date than the first day of an 8th year.

Let’s all work together and help each other. If you have my manifesting book you can use it to follow along each day. If you don’t have it, don’t worry we will be posting the chapters each day.


MANIFESTING EXPERIMENT starts January 1st 2015

The Chinese New Year is the year of the sheep starts Feb 19th …. More on that later

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