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Change Your Solar Return

I first learned about changing your solar return from astrologist Susan Baroni. She explain to me that each year on our birthday the planets align in the same position as on your birthday. And where those planets lie determines the outcome of your year, astrologically. But where you are on the planet on your birthday changes the houses that your planets are in. Meaning if you happen to be in London on your birthday, you will have a different astrological chart for the year than if you are in New York. So Susan suggests, why not look at the position of the planets and how they will affect your life and decide whether you want to be in London OR New York, or somewhere else in the world.

When she first told me about this I was a little skeptical that it would really make a difference. It was late 2011 and my birthday was coming up.

“What if I am at home in Los Angeles on my Birthday?” I asked Susan.

She looked at my chart and told me essentially it was terrible. Bad for health, bad for finances. It was a good idea for me to get out of town.

“Ok, I said, why don’t you tell me where I should be on my Birthday?”

Well Susan went away and did the charts and came up with an area in Brazil. It happened to be the area where John of God is. So I went for my Birthday and the rest is history!

So each year after I have consulted with Susan. Last year she advised me to go to Palmas Brazil. I dragged my Cousin Rice and off we went on an adventure. We had no idea what was there but we were pleasantly surprised to find lots of beautiful waterfalls. We saw a black panther in the jungle and had an amazing experience. I came home with some gold sacred grass jewelry which is only found in the area.

This year I am happy to say my home Los Angeles happens to be particularly lucky for me. So I’m staying here for my big 50th!

You’re invite to my big BIRTHDAY BASH Dec 14th LAX Hilton - click here to RSVP

To contact Susan Baroni - (805)373-7861

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