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How to Use Your Pendulum

Before You Start

  • Always protect yourself with Divine White light as you would with any connection to Spirit. The ones made from John of God crystals are already protected but it is always a good idea to do this anyway.

  • Ask if you have a spirit from the white light working through your pendulum (you will find your YES sign below).

Asking Yes/No Questions

  • To initiate a relationship with your pendulum, you must first ask it to be still. To do this, take a deep breath, relax the mind, clear your thoughts, and focus on the word “search”. When the pendulum settles (stops), you have accomplished the first step. Use this method before each question asked in order to get a clear response. Take a moment to practice removing your intention and allow spirit to guide.

  • One may then establish definite directions (pendulum movements) for yes and no answers. These directions are unique to each user. Hold the chain or abalone handle between 2 fingers allowing the crystal freedom of movement and say, “Give me a definite direction for the answer ‘yes’”. Your pendulum will eventually start to swing back and forth or side to side. The direction that it chose to swing indicates your “yes” answer. This will be so from this point on. Now that you have established your “yes” answer, ask your pendulum to give you a definite direction for the answer “no”. Use the same method and trust the pendulum’s choice of direction. When the directions are clearly determined, the pendulum is ready for use.

  • For each answer, the pendulum will either move in a circle (clockwise or counterclockwise) or a straight line (vertical or horizontal). Each individual will establish their own unique directions. This direction will now be your signal for YES or NO, with any pendulum you use.

  • If you are having difficulty, such as the pendulum is bobbing up and down. Try wording your question very specifically.

  • When starting a session and asking questions to your pendulum you can start by confirming, “Do I have a spirit form the white light that is working with me through this pendulum?”

  • You can over do the YES/NO pendulum questions by continuing to ask in different ways until you get the answer you want. At this point you will not get accurate answers. Also if you are too emotionally involved in the answer this may affect the accuracy. In this case you may want to ask another person to ask the questions. Or you can put the answers under a piece of paper, mix them up where you can’t see the answer then ask your pendulum, “Is this the answer?”

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