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The Importance of Spiritual Healing

Evidence of spiritual healing with reports of miraculous cures comes from all corners of the world, making coincidence or wishful thinking hard to explain. Even if it were some kind of mind over matter occurrence, if the result is greatly improved health, it is something well worth delving into. In fact, there are certain healers who people will swear by and places like Lourdes in France where people flock by the millions seeking and often finding a cure. John of God (João de Deus) is one of the most renowned healers of our time. People report that this Brazilian healer has cured them of cancer, MS, AIDS, and other “incurable” diseases. You may have heard about him on Oprah, where Wayne Dyer said John of God healed him of Leukemia. So just how is this great healer able to cure conditions, even as virulent as cancer? Like many spiritualists, he says that it is not he that heals, that only God heals. He says that benevolent spirits work through him, acting as spirit doctors on the other side working with this Divine energy.

Let us try to understand this from an energy body point of view. Science has proven that we are really just energy; that we are made up of molecules vibrating at a certain frequency and that even the atoms that make up our body comprise only a tiny amount of its substance. The rest simply space. Yet if we touch our arm, it feels solid to us. It is then not so difficult for us to believe that around our physical body, we also have a lighter energy body. This energetic aura is a larger outer body that is invisible to the naked eye. Our bodies and auras live in an energy matrix or grid that runs around the earth and connects us to the earth, as well as to one another. Our energy is fed by the energy source, the Chi that runs through us, the life force energy that many say is really God.

Chakras (energy centers) in the body are widely accepted as fact in many parts of the world. They are of importance in acupuncture, eastern medicine, and can also be seen in various cultures. According to this belief, there are seven main chakras in the body as well as many smaller, less significant ones. The lesser chakras include ones in the palms of the hands that are very important in hands-on spiritual healing modalities. Each chakra is an energy center and is associated with different emotions, physical organs, and spiritual relevancies. Imagine it as an energy that starts as a pinpoint inside the body and then emanates out as a cone, getting wider as it comes out of both the front and the back of the body. Each chakra vibrates at its own frequency and, therefore, is more tuned into a specific color in the spectrum. Each chakra’s energy then merges into one another, not unlike a rainbow of energy surrounding the body.

If we have attracted negative energy into our auras, we may have clouded, slowed, blocked, or even shutdown our chakras. When our chakras are working efficiently, they are bright beautiful lights, rotating in the correct speed and direction for us. Some healers are intuitively sensitive and can actually feel or sense the energy of a person’s chakras, being able to correctly diagnose their issues. Our outer energy aura is made up of many layers of energy. The more powerful and healthy our energy centers are, the larger our aura is. Energy practitioners believe illnesses start in our outer auras, either from energy brought over from past life karma or brought into this life by our selection of lessons. In other words, before we come into this life, we have predetermined difficult life lessons and physical illnesses that lie dormant in our outer bodies. Then at some point, this energy is manifested into our lives and becomes part of our mental thoughts or thinking process. That is, we are thinking negative thoughts which affect our emotions and we start to create this negative energy in our life through our emotional state. Eventually this emotional imbalance is drawn further into our energy field and becomes a physical illness or issue. If we are aware of this progression, we can start to work on our issues as we recognize them in our mental thought process and emotions before they ever become a physical issue.

Our natural state is to be a clear and healthy being, but over time we collect negative thoughts and experiences, holding on to that energy which builds up around us. This is part of life. We develop negative cords and energy blockages from past relationships and experiences. All of this can slow or even shutdown our energy chakras. This may go unnoticed when it is in our energy bodies, but eventually it can manifest physically in the body.

There are no victims. We don’t just develop cancer for no reason. Somewhere there is a lesson. You need to dig deep through meditation, therapy, or simply self-reflection. What resentments, hurt, or anger are you holding on to? Even if a cancerous lump is removed surgically, if we do not learn and absorb the lesson, thus dissipating the underlying energy, it can return in the same matter or as something different. This is the reason that a spiritual understanding and the release of negative energies is critical to permanent and continued healing.

Fear is our own worst enemy. When we are scared, our energy shuts down and we literally cut off and lock up our chakras. Imagine being given a diagnosis of some terrible condition and a prognosis from your doctor of three months to live. At that moment, we give up. We cut off our life force energy, which is the very thing that is needed for healing. No matter how good our doctor is and how good a treatment should work, without the energy of our own body, the body cannot heal. This is why it is so important that a person keeps faith and hope, in order to keep their energy centers running. In fact, it is critical. A doctor does not make a person’s skin grow back nor make the patient’s heart beat, it is the patient themselves. It is their own life force energy, their connection to God that heals. This is why it is imperative to keep positive and healthy on an energetic level.

So how does spiritual healing help? People who are healers often refer to themselves as “mediums,” saying that it not actually they that do the healing. A spiritual medium connects into the spirit world and is able to shift the patient’s energy. Some say that spiritual or life force energy flows through the healer from spirit doctors to the recipient. Some healers say they are able to help the person open up and connect more strongly with Divine Source, the spirit world, or God to activate their own healing. Many say that spiritual healing removes the negative energy around a person and dissolves energy blocks, negative cords, attachments, and even karma.

Although it takes a lot of trust, we can connect with the other side ourselves and invoke our own healing. We can do this through meditation and prayer. In fact, there are many examples of people who say that they received miraculous healings solely through prayer. Others believe in their medical doctors with such faith that it opens them up spiritually, whether they know it or not, because they simply believe so strongly.

Seeking the assistance of a spiritual healer can expedite one’s healing. When the healer is able to quickly remove negative energy that is causing fear, depression, and the spiral of ill health, a person has a much better chance of allowing their energy to flow and to heal their own body.

When a person receives a spiritual intervention and their energy is shifted, the person’s energy is clear and this brings about their good health. The person literally attracts to him or herself what is needed to heal. This could be that they suddenly “find” the right doctor or their doctor now knows exactly the treatment that will work. Spiritual healing can also help a person’s energy now accept a medical treatment that it wouldn’t have before. For example, a drug, herb, or homeopathic remedy may not work while a person’s energy is not strong, but once the negative energy has been removed and their chakras are working optimally, this same remedy may now work beautifully with their energy.

A medical doctor is often given insight from the spirit world (whether they realize it or not) and when a person asks for spiritual healing, the spirits are working hand in hand with the patient’s medical team. One should not forego medical intervention for spiritual healing as they do not work separately, but rather they complement each other. Many spiritualists even believe that medical doctors have a special mission from God and are here on earth to be guided by the spirit world.

In some cases surgery or medical intervention may be the easiest and quickest way to remove an ailment that has manifested physically, such as removal of a tumor or the repair of torn tissue. However, it is the additional energy healing that is often forgotten. The root cause of the issue and the reason for having it in the first place must be addressed.

A person’s optimal healing often comes from a combination of spiritual and medical intervention. Whether the patient seeks spiritual healing in conjunction with their medical treatment or whether they connect spiritually through their own means is not important. What is important is that the person’s life force energy needs to be kept open with a positive trusting attitude. A patient will always have much better results if they can overcome their fears and be open to a divine power that will help them through their medical crisis. The perfect solution is if both patient and doctor are open to receiving spiritual guidance, in which case what is healed medically and what is healed from spirit will become a blur.

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Ritehly D Quimbo
Ritehly D Quimbo
Mar 18, 2020

Spiritual healing can be defined in several ways. It can pertain to the practice wherein one person (i.e., a spiritual healer) heals other people of their physical or emotional illness through prayer or meditation. This is also sometimes called ‘faith healing’. Commonly, it includes the transference of spiritual energy from the healer to the sick person through touching or the ‘laying on of hands’.


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