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Chakras are quite widely accepted as fact in many areas of the world. They are used in acupuncture and eastern medicine but can be seen in various cultures. There are seven main chakras or energy centers in the body and then many more smaller or less significant chakras. The lesser chakras include ones in the palms of the hand which of course become very important in Reiki and other hands-on healing methods. Each chakra is an energy center and is associated with different emotions, physical organs and spiritual relevance. Imagine an energy starting as a pin pointing the center of our body and then emanating as a cone getting wider and wider as it comes out of both the front and the back of our body. Each chakra vibrates at its own frequency and therefore is more tuned into a specific color in the spectrum.

Within each chakra the energy is circulating. When operating at its most efficient, it is clear and bright and the energy is rotating in a smooth circular motion. It will either rotate clockwise or anticlockwise which ever is correct for that individual and in the right speed.

7th Chakra Crown Chakra

Color - Purple

Where -At the top of the head, vertical, going up to the sky and through the body

Associated with – Connection to Divine Source

6th Chakra Third Eye

Color – Indigo (dark blue)

Where – At the front; in the center of the forehead. Behind - at the back of the head.

Associated with – Psychic abilities, clairvoyance

5th Chakra Throat

Color – Turquoise blue

Where – At the front; in the neck, throat. Behind - at the back of the neck.

Associated with – Communication, physical and spiritual

4th Chakra Heart

Color – Emerald Green

Where – At the front; in the center of the chest. Behind – in between the shoulder blades.

Associated with – Emotions

3rd Chakra Solar Plexus

Color – Yellow

Where – At the front; center of diaphragm. Behind – lower back.

Associated with – God center, how people see us

2nd Chakra Sacral Chakra

Color – Orange

Where – At the front; 2” below navel. Behind – mid back.

Associated with – Relationships, money

1st Chakra Base Chakra

Color – Red

Where – Vertical, between legs going down to the ground as well as up through the body.

Associated with – Family, early childhood, how we see ourselves.

8th Chakra Spiritual Halo

Color – Gold

Where – This chakra, only develops as you become spiritually connected. Appear as a halo 6” above the crown. Eventually it grows down as a circular umbrella.

Associated with – Spiritual connection.

Blocked Chakras

When we have attracted negative energy into our auras we may have clouded, slowed, blocked or even shut down our chakras. When our chakras are working efficiently they are rotating bright beautiful lights in the correct speed and direction for us.

For more information about Chakras and how to open them see my Reiki section

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