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Meditation Find Your Animal Guide

Finding Your Animal Spirit Guide

Reconnect with your animal spirit guide, your past over pet or Native American animal through meditation and receive healing and a psychic message:

Find a place that you can meditate quietly without being disturbed. Sit comfortable but not laying down where you might actually fall asleep. Light a white candle and place your candle in front of you.

Now I want you to visualize a bright star in the sky and this star’s white rays of light beaming down on top of your head. Imagine this white healing light coming down over your shoulders, slowly, down over your body and completely enveloping your entire body with pure white energy in the highest of goodness. You are now protected in this bubble of white light energy where only good energies can come into your aura.

Now sitting comfortably, open your palms and face them up. Concentrate on your breathing, taking a deep breath in from your nose, holding for a second then breathing out long and forcefully through your mouth. With each breath out, envision releasing negative energy and relaxing deeper and deeper.

When you are ready for the meditation, you may begin. (You may want a friend to read this to you or familiarize this first, so that you don’t need to read this).

Imagine that you are staying in a cottage in the woods. You wake up and open the door. It is a beautiful morning, the birds are singing and the sun is shinning down on you. You decide to walk out of the cottage on a footpath through the woods. The sun is warm on you neck but not too hot, it is a beautiful day and you are surrounded by nature. Take a moment to appreciate this scene of wonderful beauty.

As you walk down this path you see a clearing in the woods ahead. As you approach you see in the middle of this clearing is a bubbling brook and along the bank of this brook you see and old oak tree. Sit underneath this tree for a moment and listen to the sounds of the rushing water.

Lean down and pick out a special stone, this will be your magical healing stone. Wash your stone in the water. Let the fresh clean water wash over your stone and see it sparkling back at you. Then as you sit by the brook appreciating the beauty, ask that your animal spirit guide come sit beside you.

Let an animal appear to you and gently encourage him to come close. This may be a pet that you have had, that is now in spirit and looking after you as your animal guide. This may be an animal that you are not familiar with at first. It could be a house pet or a wild animal.

Look into his eyes and thank him for being your spirit protector. Take a moment to reconnect, to share the love you have always had together and thank him for being your animal spirit guide. Ask him if he has a message for you at this time in your life and take a moment to listen for an answer.

If you have a question for your animal spirit guide, ask if it is ok to ask questions first and then ask your question. If you wish to be re acquainted with a love one (person or pet) that has passed, ask if they can bring them forth.

End by thanking your animal spirit guide for being with you and say goodbye for now. Know that your animal spirit guide remains close with you through your life and that you can come to this special place again and talk with your animal guide.

Ask that when you remember this special place it will put you back in this place with your animal guide. Imagine leaving your special place and walking back down the path to the cottage.

You are sitting in a chair in the cottage, now slowly see yourself back in your sitting position in your own room. Imaging a white light that goes down through your spine to the ground, keeping you firmly grounded in this world and when you awake you will feel refreshed and ready to take on your life challenges, knowing that your animal spirit guide is always with you.

Now slowly open your eyes and know that you can always call on your animal spirit guide.

God Bless,

Gail Thackray

Do you know your spirit guide?

Please ask your questions here and comment about your experiences doing this meditation. Animal Communicator - Phsychic Medium - Reiki Master

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