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How does Distant Healing work?

What is Distant Healing and How Does it Work

I carry a healing pouch. This contains photos for personal healings and they are receiving the energy at Man-A Tol, Cornwall England.

So how does distance healing work? You’ve heard of people being healed through a photograph, but how could this be? Well, we are talking about Spiritual Healing and how does spiritual healing work? Spiritual Healing causes a shift or change in our energy field. We know we have a physical body because we can feel it. But we also have lighter body layers around us that are our aura or spiritual body. It is in this aura field that we carry energy blocks or disturbances.

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As we go through life we collect negative thoughts or energy around us. This starts to cloud our outer energy layers and we may not notice it until it comes close enough to affect our thinking or emotions. Eventually it can manifest into a physical ailment. So healing could mean from a physical ailment or condition, but it could also could mean from an emotional issue or negative situation, even from financial stress. A healing is a shifting of the energy to return us to our natural healthy state of being, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically. Sometimes the negative energy could be a karmic situation that we brought to us. It could even be another person’s energy or attachment. It could be relationship chords or psychic blocks. It doesn’t really matter what the source is, we wish to dissolve the Karma and enlighten our being.

We can do this ourselves by being open to the energy and through prayer and meditation. There are beautiful spirits around us that want to help us and will, if we just give permission. They can help us to be open and to receive this energy shift. Holding a quartz crystal over your heart often enables people to be able to more easily connect with spirit. Of course I really love the John of God crystals for this because they have an amazing energy. I recommend that you keep at least one personal crystal for this purpose that you only use for you and do not share with others and do not use for healing others.

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However you may say it sounds easy but we all know it can be difficult. Especially if you have added layer after layer, things can be so overwhelming it is really hard to trust that just a prayer is going to work.

This is why a spiritual healer can help you. A healer is acting as a conjugate between you and the spirit world helping you to connect and receive a healing. I am very blessed to be able to work with Divine beings and to help people receive this energy shift. But it is really the person that is doing the work. A spiritual healer does not actually do “Healings.” As only God or Divine Source is able to heal. Spiritual healing happens when an individual on a soul level can be open to receiving Divine healing energy and a spiritual healer can help to facilitate that connection.

It actually feels wonderful for me as the energy runs through my body first, so I feel a surge of beautiful powerful healing energy. Sometimes it is so beautiful and powerful it brings out emotions and it makes me cry with happiness.

But how does this work from a distance? Well spiritual work is not done on the physical plane. Even if the person is in the room with you. It is still done on a spiritual level. In the spirit world, there is no time, no distance, it simply doesn’t exist. So when I ask spirit to connect in and work with you it doesn’t matter if you are in the room or not. In fact some people say the feel the effects much more and it is much stronger from a distance!

Often I get asked if they can do this for a loved one, especially if they do not know. Some healers will tell you they need permission. I believe if t is done with good intentions and the person’s higherself wants it, they will receive. I always ask my guides to ask their higherself first. It is never negative and nothing negative can be passed in this way.

When I do a “healing” I use a combination of Reiki, other healing modalities I have learned but mostly I follow guidance from spirit. I use a photo and I ask the person to write the specific things that they are requesting. This could be health but it could also be an emotional issue even a financial issue. The act of the person writing out what they want, is an act of giving permission. Spirit knows what would help us, but what do we want?

I use a photo and crystals and I do a full distance session. I usually do this at night as if the person is sleeping or resting the spirits can work on their energy more easily. Then I keep my photos on my altar where they get daily blessings. Sometimes I will be directed to do more work on a photo and I usually keep them for 2-3 weeks. Sometimes if I am travelling to a place of high spiritual energy I will take these photos with me and do additional healing work at a sacred site. Last year I brought back stones and crop from inside the crop circles and different collections I thought were good for the person’s healing. So if you book a distance healing session now I will continue your healing through France and England this July and mail you any blessings I am given from the earth (crop from crop circle, stones and ….??)

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Distant Attunements An attunement is a sacred process that attunes the person to certain energy frequencies. Those of you that have done Reiki have received a Reiki level attunement. Here sacred symbols are put into the clients chakras. Mostly this is done in person by a Reiki master. However attunements can also be done at a distance. Again we are working on a spiritual realm so there is no time and space. I normally do distance attunements at my ranch in California but there is no extra charge to have them done at a special place if I am there. You can have a Reiki level attunement done and you can also have a psychic opening attunement. A psychic opening attunement opens the psychic centers but it also attunes you to the energy of the place. So go ahead and take advantage while I am travelling. Get a Reiki master attunement in a stone circle or how about at the Chalice healing Well. Get a psychic attunement in the middle of a crop circle. Just book your attunement and let me know where you would like it. $55

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