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Soul Purpose

Your Soul Purpose Begins

Do you believe in past lives? Perhaps you believe in them or perhaps you do not. However, humor me for a moment. Imagine that we experience life after life and in between these lives, we go to a place we’ll call Heaven. In this place we review what we’ve accomplished and what we didn’t quite comprehend. We will look back at our shining moments and those we’d rather sweep under the carpet. Perhaps you will say to yourself, “I really would like another crack at that; I didn’t quite get it last time” or “Boy, I would really like to experience [fill in the blank].” It is here in Heaven that we decide we’d like to have another go at the game of life. It’s like a puzzle we’ve almost completed and have an urge to finish. So with this burning desire, we decide we’re going to plunge back into life and have another physical existence.

Our soul friends in spirit may think we are very adventurous and perhaps say, “Good luck. I’ll stay back here and watch.” This will be our team on the other side, watching and rooting for us from the sidelines as we are the brave ones willing to experience life again. Our team in the spirit world will occasionally be able to pass a little guidance through our intuition, but mostly they are just there to love and support us.

In Heaven we decide how we might complete our unfinished business in our next lifetime. Are there different routes we should take? Do we need some new tools to help us? We may have been working on the same issue through multiple lifetimes and are now determined to complete what we started. Perhaps there are some unfamiliar or interesting things we would like to experience that we haven’t touched upon yet.

We choose things not because we know they would be pleasant but to experience all sides of life. To be well rounded in our soul’s experience, we desire to learn, feel, and know all that life has to offer. We set up our major life events and select the theme or driving force of our life. As we choose from the buffet of life, we might say things like:

“I’d like to experience being a good parent and having a loving relationship with my children, but perhaps I should learn self-love as well because I didn't really comprehend it last time. So let’s throw in some crappy relationships through which I can really learn to love myself.”

“I love music. This time I would like to have musical talent and experience joy through music. But a little financial stress might be good as well. I was a great businessman in my last life, so I now want to experience the opposite. Being a struggling musician, having passion but no resources, this should be a fun challenge!”

“I would like to try not always being the one in control. I wonder what it feels like to have other people take care of me? Perhaps I could have a major health issue. I’ll choose something quite difficult and then I can use what I learn to help others who are ill and through this express compassion.”

And thus we decide on our major themes, be it good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. The more we take on and the more difficult the puzzle, the faster our soul growth will be. Perhaps in Heaven with all that bliss in the air, we are a bit overly enthusiastic and take on a little more than we realize. After all, if you were at Level 19 on Angry Birds, would you really want to start at level 5 again? And so we set ourselves up with themes and tasks at the level we think we can handle.

We choose the people whom we will meet, our coworkers, and our friends. We also choose our family and our parents. WHAT?! Rewind! I chose my parents?!!! Oh yes, you absolutely did! We pick our relationships, including the wonderful people in our lives, but also the unpleasant ones (this especially). You picked that jerk of a husband, your crummy sister, and even your mother-in-law! In fact, these are some of the closest, most beautiful souls you know. They wouldn’t be able to affect you so deeply or impact you so much if you didn’t really love them on a soul level. By the time we are born, we have already chosen our main themes and many of the main players. Then a veil of amnesia comes over us and there is no going back.

No matter what major events we have chosen or what specific experiences we have agreed to, there is a direction and theme weaved throughout our life. We have agreed to learn certain lessons. Along with this is an underlying Purpose that becomes apparent. This is our True Purpose or destiny and our very reason for being here.

So it was in Heaven that we decided our True Purpose, the theme that will dominate our experience through this lifetime–the vibration through which we will express our individuality, serve others, and advance spiritually. This theme or Purpose that we have chosen may follow us through several lifetimes and, in fact, we may even be continuing where we left off in our previous life. Perhaps we may even continue this theme through many more lives in the future.

We may call it True Purpose, Soul Purpose, True Calling, Destiny, Divine Purpose, our Life’s Mission, our Life’s Journey, or our Life’s Path, but it is this theme that we experience throughout our life. For some, the word “destiny” gives the impression that it is something chosen for us, that we have no control over it, which can have a negative connotation. For example, a person might say it is their destiny to lose everything or to be alone. For this reason, I prefer the term Soul Purpose. However, some of you may find that a bit too New-Agey, so let’s call it “True Purpose” or just “Purpose.”

I want to emphasize the point that it is not anyone’s destiny to be poor, lose everything, or anything else of that ilk. We haven’t chosen a life path to experience pain or misery. No matter how bad things might seem, it is not your Purpose to live in poverty and struggle. Yes, we may have chosen a poverty-stricken upbringing or a period of financial strife, but this is not the be all and end all. We may have chosen financial issues that we can ultimately learn from. Perhaps we’ve chosen to learn that we can have a great life and be happy without having large amounts of money. Perhaps we want to understand how to manifest money or to learn to appreciate money but not to stay in a state of financial struggle forever. Similarly, we do not choose a True Purpose of to be in pain. Perhaps we can learn to endure pain, fight a disease, and then help others with similar conditions to cope and heal. Our Purpose may be to get through a challenging circumstance, overcome misfortune, or to be valiant over a negative condition. It is never simply to experience something terrible and that’s it!

Our path is not always smooth. There will be periods where we feel in sync with our life’s journey and positive about our life. Then there will be times that we feel a bit lost, as we drift or take a side route. But when we are right there, when we are living our Purpose, we feel vibrant, happy, and in touch with the Divine. This is when we know we are living our True Purpose.

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