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Resolving Your Triggers to Heal

Resolving Your Triggers to Heal

Discovering and releasing our “triggers” is probably the single most important step we can take in resolving our health issues. As we go through life, we store our memories and our important emotional events, both the good and the bad. We store the times that moved us, where we felt loved, accepted, and appreciated. We also store negative thoughts and feelings.

These are all stored in our energy fields as blocks of negative energy. They can be in our outer energy bodies, in our thinking or emotional fields. If we allow them to fester too long or accumulate with other similar triggers, they can together form dense blocks of energy that actually manifest physically into your body. Many of our ailments, physical and emotional, are a result of an accumulation of these triggers. Eventually this energy is going to affect you. If you have a health issue, small or large, physical or emotional, it is most often related to one or several of these triggers that you have stored.

Most of our triggers stem from our relationships with others. Looking back over your life, think about your relationships, with parents, siblings, romantic partners, others. What really irks you in these relationships? What issues and events still rouse emotion in your even many years later. When you look back at your childhood and you remember hurtful things that were said to you, does it still stir up a negative emotion?

When you consider your old romantic relationships, and you think about things that they said or did that really hurt you, how do you feel about that today? Do you look back and say, “I can’t believe that person did that. That was really mean and hurtful. But I have forgiven them. I send them love and white light, and I honor them for that experience. I love them for allowing me to experience that.” If you do, you’re a blooming angel.

Most of us don’t! We look back and think, “I can’t believe they did that or they said that.” It stirs up that emotion, often to the same degree that it did back then. We place blame on them; that they did that or they said that. Yes, they did, and they were horrible; they were in the wrong. However, if you are still emotionally triggered months later, a year later, ten years later, that energy is still in your energy field. It is still affecting you. Perhaps they are long gone from your life, but they continue to affect you. It is as though a part of them is still in your energy field. Yuk! Do you really want them in there? Let’s get them out.

Maybe it is someone who is currently in your life. Perhaps it’s someone you love, and they are wonderful in many other ways. This can bring up confusing and complicated feelings. Perhaps you feel guilt from blaming or feeling badly about them. Maybe you feel that you somehow provoked them or you deserved their treatment of you. All of these are nasty energy blockages that are sitting in your energy field, perhaps even inside your physical body, inside your cell memory, and actually causing you physical health problems.

The good new is you can release these blockages and heal. It is easier said than done, but releasing your negative feelings and your triggers is the most important thing you can do for your health. Here’s how to do it. Find a good time for you to meditate. Early in the morning or in bed right before you go to sleep and are in that “in between zone” and are great times for you to communicate. Start with one relationship at a time. These blockages took you decades to accumulate; they may take a little while to go through and really process.

If you are not sure with whom to start, start by looking at your immediate family and your mom and dad. Even if they are now in spirit, the issues are still there. In your mind, go back to early childhood and think about the trigger points, where someone said or did something to you. It may not be a major event. In fact, it might be something that would now seem insignificant or even silly, but if it invoked a strong negative feeling when it happened, then it is important to address it

.Recreate the moment in your mind as vividly as possible. At this point you may be tempted to cover it up and bury it. This is not helping. In fact, this is probably what you have been doing all along, suppressing the feelings and burying them to “protect” yourself and make them go away, which didn’t help; the energy is still there. This time allow yourself to go through this experience again. Now allow yourself to relive the moment as if you were there with as much intensity and feeling as when it happened. is “Feeling” the moment of primary importance, even if right now you can’t understand why you are doing this. Now, as you bring back that deep hurt, resentment, jealously, or abandonment, ask for help from the spirit world and from Divine Source. Ask for help to change this energy and release it.

Try to send forgiveness to the person involved. This is not forgiving them for their actions, but rather just an overall understanding that holding onto this hurt is no longer serving you. You do not want this energy, this feeling, in your energy field. Try to see it from the other person’s perspective as to why they would say or do such a thing. It may be difficult to understand, but perhaps you can see their reason. Maybe it was the way they were brought up. Perhaps it was a misconstrued way of protecting you. Even if you cannot understand their reason, understand and acknowledge that you asked for this situation at a soul level.

Ask yourself, “Did I learn something from having this experience? Did I learn to be more understanding of others? Did it make me a stronger person with more determination? Did it make me a better person in some way? See if you can find a lesson that it helped you to learn. Try to honor the experience. No matter what, this was something your soul desired to experience and we need to absorb this lesson and move on so we are not stuck repeating it. Tell your guides, tell Divine Source, that you are done with this part of your karma and it can now be released.

Perhaps you believe that you somehow caused their actions. As you reflect on these conditions, did you place blame on yourself? If so, honor and love yourself. Know that you did not cause someone to be hurtful to you. Perhaps you set up these circumstances for your lesson. If for that or any other reason, you have put blame on yourself, now release it and love yourself. We often need to forgive ourselves just as much as the person whom we think of as the perpetrator.

Remember, there are no victims and no perpetrators. It may seem that way, but realize you are empowered in your life. You chose whatever you set up for yourself at a soul level, but you are also empowered to release the energy from that karmic experience.

As I stated before, start with your close family members and then look at your romantic relationships. Then what about your in-laws or the more distant relatives with whom you’ve had run-ins? What about your close friendships and even the distant ones? Perhaps a neighbor annoys you or a person ripped you off in business. Look at whomever crossed your path and left a negative energy imprint.

In one of my workshops we did an exercise to release triggers and the emotional events that continued to affect us. Many came up with terrible, abusive situations that had happened. You can understand why they still feel strong emotions, but that energy is not helping them years later.

However, it may sometimes be an event that to the outsider seems trivial, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t have had a strong, lasting impact on someone. During the workshop, my mother recalled an incident that happened to her in the UK during the gas crisis of the 70s. After hours of waiting in line to fill up, a car jumped the line, pulled right in front of her, and the guy started pumping gas. She recalled with great emotion that he looked back at her with a menacing grin. 30 years later she still had deep anger about some guy cutting her off at the pump. Really! The rest of us rolled around in hysterics as she emotionally recalled the incident and the deep resentment she felt. She, though, was visibly moved to tears. We didn’t mean to be so unsympathetic because for her it was very real. But holding onto anger over some guy cutting you off over 30 years ago! I am sure he was not still thinking about it a moment later. Why did it have such an effect on my mom? Perhaps it was more that she had just lost her husband, was now raising young children on her own, working two jobs, and this was just the last straw.

So these triggers do not have to be tied to big, traumatic events. They can even be those silly little moments that we are still hanging on to. What is important is that we can and need to release them. Look through your life and find your triggers, whether they are significant wrongs done to you or something that now seems silly. Finding those life triggers that were and are still important to you and releasing that negative energy is probably the single most important thing you can do for your health.

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