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What Your Body Tells You

Where a physical illness resides in our body is a reflection of a blockage or energy in a certain area of our life. The placement of an ailment can directly show us where in our life we have an issue and how we can more easily resolve the ailment. Look at your body to determine if it is telling you something about an area of your life that needs addressing. For example, an issue in your throat area such as a thyroid problem, throat cancer, or even simply a sudden sore throat is an indication that you are not talking to someone about something. The severity is simply the strength of the energy.Extra weight in your hips and thighs could be an indication that you are holding onto resentments from your childhood, perhaps towards your parents. A cyst or fibroid in your ovaries or the womb area is a sure indication of a past, unresolved relationship. How can this be? It is because our body consists of energy. Different parts of our body vibrate at a slightly different vibrational frequency and govern certain areas of our life, and can attract emotions that are caused by issues in these areas. The energy centers in our body, called chakras, govern specific areas (both physical and emotional).So what about an overall ailment such as a blood disease or a skin issue? Again, these are caused by an overall energy. Depression, not liking yourself, simply being “uncomfortable in your own skin,” can produce an overall body rash. A desire to punish yourself, a deep hatred of yourself, can cause the very blood that runs through your veins to run with disdain against your very wishes. However, is it against your wishes? After all, we reflect everything we wish, everything we feel. Gail Thackray is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Educator. More extensive information on natural healing, well-being, and channeling healing energy can be found in Gail’s Reiki Manuals.

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