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Predictions For 2013

At any one time you can take a snapshot of someone. You can look into a crystal ball, throw tarot cards, or read what is in their future. What you are really reading is a snapshot of their energy. However, if we were to see something in our near future that we didn’t like, we could easily change it. How? Our mind, our thoughts, our desires, our ability to consciously manifest is so much more powerful than anything that is currently set up for us. We have the power to control our future in a moment.

One can “read” the energy of the Earth or our collective future just as easily. I don’t like to predict disasters or negative events because even though the energy may be set up for that and may be currently in the future, it still can be changed. I believe there are higher powers and other beings that even assist us in averting “natural disasters.”

I believe in the power of prayer and the power of positive thought. If many people get together and pray or think positively on an event, it does make a difference. I also believe that if there is a mass thought in a negative way, this can also cause a negative effect. If there is a negative event predicted and many people think about it and more importantly emotionally invest or worry about it, they can actually strengthen the likelihood that it will happen. So I’m not going to predict any particular earthquake or disaster and make it worse. Let us focus on some of the other trends this next year.

Here’s what I have read on the energy of the US and the world right now and the probable outcome in 2013.

  • More attention on family and children this year. There will be less focus on the single life and more focus on families or communities that tie people together. This will even show up with celebrities, where we will see a lot more talk about marriage, pregnancies, and family values, but also divorce. We’ll see proposed changes in laws regarding the family unit. There will be more openness to unorthodox types of families with more states considering same-sex marriage and more acceptance of it. Scrutiny into fertilization clinics will hit the news, particularly regarding selling fertilized eggs to foreign countries.

  • People will become more open spiritually. People will be less focused on worldly goods and more concerned with the simple things in life. There will be a surge of spiritual gatherings, writings, and TV coverage. There will be a blending of religions or an acceptance between religions. Many people will discover spirituality for the first time this year.

  • There will be a big push for healthy food and home-prepared food. We’ll see increased support for farmers who grow food more naturally and take better care of farm animals. We’ll see advertisers focus on how food is grown, our health, and on local farming, rather than the taste of food. While the rest of the stock market is slow, there will be an increase in stocks and commodities of US grown natural products and farmer’s market-type vendors. Issues with water shortages and delivery will cause public outcries in the summer months in the Midwest. Less traditional funding sources will come to the rescue. Consumers show they are willing to pay more for US farmer’s products, natural, and unmodified foods. We’ll see more café’s inside markets and the downsizing of supermarkets from the mega-market to the smaller hometown store.

  • The value of gold and silver will continue to rise even faster than predicted. Other metals such as copper will receive attention in May. Ancient artifacts and other objects from the Earth will become more valuable and protected. A large, new find in Egypt will occur that coincides with an extreme weather change. This find will change scientist’s views on dates of events in Egyptian history.

  • You think we have a lot of technology now, 2013 will be noted as a year in which technological advances will more widely impact consumers. Many will carry their life in a small handheld device that does everything. Credit cards will start to be phased out as people pay via their phone or handheld device. We’ll see these devices projecting keyboards, TV screens, and other options on the wall at home, the coffee table, and even the kitchen counter. Data charges will be so minimal that they will not even be a consideration anymore. Reports of a solar flare coming in May causes fear of electronic disruption, however there will be no substantial issues with this.

  • There will be large changes in advertising with ads being more subtly integrated into articles, TV shows, and other outlets. Commercial breaks, ad pages, and in-your-face obvious online advertising will be much less. We’ll see advertisers and companies as the producers of TV shows and movies, but not using product placement in it. This year we’ll see a documentary award going to a production that was essentially financed by an advertiser.

  • The pharmaceutical industry will come under scrutiny in the fall of 2013. A trial will receive press as a well-known pharmaceutical company is caught covering up cures for major diseases. Three executives will take the brunt of the heat. One of them is notably ridiculed for his hair (or lack of). This will set off changes in drug patents and charges for drugs, which will ultimately greatly benefit the public.

  • More water damage through floods and storms around the world. Florida will be hit hard, especially the Florida Keys. Areas that were previously hit by floods will once again be in the news. An inland US city will get hit with major water damage from a burst dam. Other water damage occurs around the world.

  • Within the European community there will arise a division into two groupings. One will be headed by the financially stronger Germany with France, Austria, and the Nordic countries joining. The other will include less financially stable Greece, Italy, Spain, and Czechoslovakia, which will be know as the “artistic and passionate” countries. This is not adversarial, but rather it develops peace and understanding. The poorer countries receive less help from the stronger countries, which they openly reject anyway.

  • The housing market will recover slowly, except in the water-flooded areas. Several shady schemes within real estate will be exposed. Loopholes in short sales, loan modifications, and real estate programs will come to light and people will be held accountable. Many greedy executives are publicly brought for explanation. There will be restrictions on foreign investment in US real estate.

  • China will experience more social freedom. We will see peaceful demonstrations, mostly by the youth in China, and an online response back from their peers in the US. This will result in actual changes to the social structure and small steps toward democracy. By August 2013 there will be notable changes, particularly in advertising, freedom of speech, and technology uses.

Gail Thackray is a psychic medium and author of several books on psychic abilities, healing, and spirituality. Gail is a wonderful speaker, traveling the world demonstrating healings and mediumship. For more information about Gail, please visit:

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