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10 Best Love Gems & why they work

10 Best Love Gems & why they work

I am often asked which Gems have the best energy for Love? Precious gems resonate with certain frequencies, enhancing emotions in a positive way and strengthening those areas of the body. Which love stone will resonate for you? That depends on whether it is for romantic love or for family and friends. Also, whether you are looking for better communication, a deeper connection or just an expression of love. Here’s some tips for Valentines.

( this is Bahia and Ruby Lavender, a winning combination for love)

1. Hearts

Hearts always have the vibration of love, from Romantic love to sisters, daughters and moms. Natural gems are more powerful because they hold the vibration that you put into them.

2. Radiant Heart

This is a cut that if you look at it under a microscope you can see 100 tiny heart shaped cuts. This has that love vibration but x100. Very high energy.

3. Ruby Lavender for Romance

This beautiful pink stone is one of the most powerful for strengthening relationships, particularly romantic. It is a rare stone. I only have a few pieces left and cannot get anymore.

4. Bahia for Communication

Bahia blue is one of the most wonderful stones for communication. This brings close sharing relationships both romantic and family.

5. Larimar – Twin Flame

Larimar is known as the twin flame stone, helps to draw a person’s twin flame and draw out deep relationships. Amazing for communication.

6. Rose Quartz – soft love

This is a very soft gentle feminine love stone. Wonderful for family and friends and healing. A great gift for a daughter, mother or sister.

7. Tibetan Green – heart opener

This gem comes from the river banks in Tibet. It is a powerful heart opener. Great for a man or a woman. I only have a few pieces left and cannot get anymore of this.

8. Siberian Blue or Purple

This stone resonates with the third eye. This opens the intuition and is a great stone for deep soul connection and remembering past lives together. Can be for a man or woman

9. Amethyst

A deep intuition stone that draws past lives. Resonates with Egypt. If a couple has had past lives in Egypt this would bring a very powerful deep connection.

10. Moon Stone

A gentle loving vibration, a more subtle energy of love. Especially wonderful for mothers and daughters, sisters or friends, also in repairing old hurts.

Also Love Spray

A mixture of flower essence and essential oils. Spray around your aura to dissolve negative energies preventing you from receiving love. On sale with code only $5

Rose Geranium Oil

A wonderful natural alternative to perfume that opens the intuition and elevates the mood. Great gift and tell them to put a few drops on their temples.

Free mini reading- If you need help choosing for you or for a friend, email me send the birthday if you have it and what you are thinking about and I’ll check in to the energy.

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Hurry and get your gifts in time for Valentines’ Day

Or if you run out of time we have gift certificates or you can book the great gift of an online reading or healing.

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