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Reiki Certification Manuals and Reiki Workshop & Attunement DVD's

Reiki Certification Manuals

Gail is a Reiki Master/ Master Teacher taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Gail is only 7 generations from the Grand Master as her teachers studied with direct descendents in Japan. Her emphasis is on connection with spirit and enhanced psychic communication. Gail teaches all levels of the Usui System and Advanced Integration of Reiki energy. There have been many Reiki books written. Gail wrote her own Reiki manuals as she wanted them to be the most encompassing. She has taken teachings from her own masters, her further learning as well as direct down loads from spirit. Each of these manuals have more than 100 pages (large format) and contains much more than the average Reiki certification manuals. Available directly through Gail. All Manuals can be purchased thru this site or thru

Reiki Workshop & Attunement DVD's

Gail’s Reiki Courses now on DVD. Watch Gail’s workshops and learn Reiki from your own home. The most comprehensive Reiki videos anywhere! Gail taped her entire series of Reiki workshops and brings you the highlights in these beautiful instructional videos. Each level is over an hour of training. Plus, at the end of each DVD, you will receive an actual attunement from Gail right through the video. The DVDs also contain bonus photo galleries. Everything you need to receive your Reiki training. Watch the video, receive your attunement though the video, and if you want a certificate, you can order through the mail. Click here to order your Reiki completion certificate These DVDs may be used by anyone interested in receiving their Reiki certifications or simply for those interested in energy healing and self-development.

*It is suggested that you also read Gail’s Reiki manuals to accompany the video training. Reiki Master Gail Thackray, only seven generations from the Grandmaster, is a world-renowned psychic medium. Gail attributes her spontaneous psychic opening, to her Reiki training. Gail’s emphasis in Reiki is to help students develop their psychic abilities and connect with spirit.

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