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Morganite Luxury Collection

Morganite the real love stone. Morganite is a true natural gemstone that resonates with the energy of love. It is thought to enhance both self-love and romantic love for the wearer and carry the energy of love from the giver. It was first discovered naturally occurring in the California mountains in the first JP Morgan mines in the 1930’s. After I visited the Morganite mines in Southern California, I fell in love with this stone and recommend it for a person’s self-love and for romantic expression. Because of its stunning light natural pink color and its resonance of love, it has become a very popular gemstone for engagement rings. In addition, Morganite is a much more affordable alternative to diamonds, as well as environmentally and socially responsible, without the negative mining injustices associated with diamonds. These are set in beautiful 14k rose gold. The accent diamonds are either repurposed or lab created, environmentally and socially responsible.

These powerful and stunning rings are wonderful as an engagement ring, promise ring, anniversary ring or valentines’ gift. Or treat yourself to the experience of self-love, as a special occasion ring.

I individually bless these rings, so please tell me if this has a special meaning you wish to energetically imprint.

These rings come in size 6.5 The are made of real 14k rose gold and can be resized at most jewelers. If you would like to have us resize it for you, please inquire

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