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Crystal Grids

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14”x 14” Crystal Grids

Beautiful individual crystal grids with huge incredible quality gemstones. Set up in your home, healing room or work. They make beautiful crystal displays but they also have incredible energy. You can leave them permanently displayed or set up for special meditations and ceremonies. The grids are cloth and can be easily transported and set up in different locations so that they can even travel with you. Enhance your office or workplace with a manifesting grid. Use a third eye grid or meditation grid for your altar. Use a protection grid to remove negative energy or protect you from a situation. Also, beautiful grids for love and healing. Each grid is individual energized for the purpose and the stones carefully chosen. They are each unique. Each one is prepared individually, and they may vary from the photo, sometimes we may substitute a stone for one equal in quality, but they will be balanced and energized for your purpose.

C 1 Amethyst Third Eye $390– to enhance intuition in meditation. Large central Amethyst tower. Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst and quartz. Plus, Geo shaped precision crystals. Powerful for opening the third eye.

A 1 Angelic Manifestation $390 - for manifesting whatever you meditate on. It can be for prosperity but can be for other things you desire in your life. Buddstone (green) for healing and releasing. Citrine is a powerful manifesting stone.

A 3 Crystal Manifestation $390 - for manifesting anything you meditate on. It can be for prosperity but can be for other things you desire in your life. Buddstone (green) for healing and releasing. Citrine for manifesting. Clear quartz and large quartz clusters for enhancing the power of the grid.

D 9 Love and healing $390 – Central Amethyst for purification and protection. Chevron Amethyst for enhancing third eye. Rose quartz for self-love, deep love and open heart. Geo shaped rose quartz pieces. Meditate for yourself or a person for specific love or healing or display to bring harmony and tranquility.

E 3 Lapis Blue Third Eye $444 – Tranquility and enhance intuition. Lapis Lazuli huge central tower for spirit connection. Sodalite for focus, Quartz for protection and focus. Plus, Geo shaped quartz. Use for meditating and to bring greater clarity

M1 Protection $390 – made with the most powerful protection stones; smokey and clear quartz some. Shungite, Stromatolite, Black Obsidian and black tourmaline. Can be used to protect a space and to meditate on to remove negative energy around a person or situation.

I 2 Mega Protection $444 – similar to Protection, but with large central pyramid and larger outer stones. This is the most powerful protection grid for very strong influences.

K1 Meditation Labradorite Tower $444 - Huge central Peacock Labradorite ball for focus and massive labradorite stones. This stone turns dreams into reality and brings stronger vision. Arfvedsonite (black round stones), amazing stone for bringing strong positive changes. Quartz point and Angels for protection and clarity. This is an extremely powerful energy grid.

K1A Meditation Labradorite $333 Similar without towers

N 1 Twin Flame $390. - Specifically designed for Romantic Love. To call in your twin flame and to deepen and strengthen an existing relationship. Beautiful Rose quartz center; either a sphere, tower or double pointed crystal (request in notes if you prefer one) and geometrically designed to create love bonds. Plus, the green stone for a heart connection and deep communication.

N8 Garnet Passion $444 – Powerful grid for relationship strength, passion and commitment. Massive Garnet sphere in the center. Smaller garnet spheres throughout. Rhodochrosite raises positivity and Rose Quartz for love

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