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Boosting the Immune System & Staying Healthy                                    
Natural remedies for viruses, flus and infections that have been used very effectively for generations, to boost the immune system, fight infections, reduce flu symptoms and stay healthy!

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Includes Pendants and Crystals (Excludes crystal mats already on sale)

Immune Support Oil $23 - Immune System Essential Oil is specifically designed with natural organic high-grade ingestible oils known to boost the immune system.

Colloidal Silver $10 - centuries old remedy for the prevention and cure of colds, flus and all types of viral and bacterial infections. Tiny particles of silver suspended in water act as an anti-viral agent.

*New* Viral Defense $24 - Essential oils specifically to ward off viruses.

*New* Viral Shield $25 - Colloidal Silver spray with added essential oils to ward off viruses.

*New* Hand Sanitizer $18Colloidal Silver gel a natural disinfectant.

Sweat Lodge –Eucalyptus oil $13 or Respiratory Relief oil $23In a steam-room make yourself a mini sweat lodge by placing you face over a pan of hot water with a few drops of the oil and inhale the steam.

Keep your environment clean- Eucalyptus $13 or Frankincense $25use in a humidifier as a natural disinfectant throughout the house or use in water as a natural cleanser.

Magnesium Spray $17- Magnesium reliving body aches, reduces stress, aids absorption of vitamins. Not easily absorbed in pill form, spray absorbs through the feet, quickly and effectively.

Throat Soothe $25– Contains Oregano oil and other essential oils. Gargle with a few drops in water. Also is an antipathogen to help boost your immune system and fight infections. 

Smudge with Sage    & Palos Santos –Sage smoke attaches to particles of dust carrying bacteria and takes these particles away (make sure to open a door or window for the smoke to leave).

Body aches and pains – Lavender $17 helps sooth body aches. Take a hot bath with a few drops in the bath water.

Peppermint $14 is a good for relieving headaches and sinus pain.

Crystals – Crystals protective against negative energy influences, fear and other people’s negative energy:

Vogel cut pendants invented by Dr. Vogel for protection against negative energies. Stones clear quartz, smokey quartz, quartz with inclusions and dark stones such as Back Tourmaline are great for protection. Check out the Vogel section and other crystals. I also have some great protection grids.

Crystal Mats Amethyst Healing mats, medical grade healing mats filled with real Amethyst crystals as well as Black Tourmaline for removing negative energy. Wonderful for healing.       

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