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Palo Santo

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Buy 1 Bag For $20 or 2 Bags For Only $30!

Bag Of Blessed Palo Santo Natural Holy Wood Sacred Sticks

Good Luck - Spiritual Protection - Clears Bad Energy!

Great For Reiki, Healing, meditating & Much More!

I use/burn them all of the time - natural, great scent & very powerful!!

Palo santo wood has been used for a long time as a physical and spiritual purification tool and in many rituals. This sacred wood is used in aromatherapy, alternative medicine and in every day life, inside normal homes, achieving multiple benefits! “The plant” is not ready to give its best until it has been dead for some time. Once the tree finishes its vital cycle, the wood starts to compress and “sweeten” its essence. The oil impregnates the wood and then acquires all of the beneficial chemical components that previously remained hidden and latent in the tree. This is when palo santo really becomes the ‘sacred’ wood. This sweet aromatic wood is believed to bring many spiritual and material benefits to many people around the world.

Mystically speaking, shamans or people intuitively know that there are beneficial spirits living in the tree, which move into the essential oils of the heartwood after the tree dies. To the shaman, palo santo is one one of the most powerful and sacred substances that exists. At the time of South America’s discovery the conquerors were fascinated with this unknown tree element. Observing how the natives used this wood, they discovered its virtues and started calling it “palo santo”. Without a doubt it is a sacred plant that opened the doors to great spirituality.

When it is burned, the small sticks generate a fire that will drive away bad energies far from the home. Hundreds of years after shamans burned the wood in their rituals and ceremonies, people have continued using it for space clearing in the home and to promote the flow of positive energy. It’s pleasant aroma produces a relaxation and calmness that it is not very easy to obtain by other means.Thanks to its ability to open the path within and communication with “the other world”, it is an excellent purifier, anti depressive and relaxant. Stress, panic attacks, “bad mojo”, negative energy, suffering, sadness, etc., are elements that we can have in our inner self that affect our quality of life. Using palo santo can allow us to achieve a more balanced state within ourselves, allowing us to become more fully aligned in our mind-body experience.

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