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Social Media

Gail is active in social media, posts and blogs from her events and spiritual travels


Facebook  5000 friends (max)


Facebook 7500+


Twitter Twitter@GailThackray 6000+ followers



Emails collected at book signings/events 10,000 +


YouTube Gail Thackray Channel


Gail has a great following on her YouTube channel with Spiritual Journeys clips,


TV interviews, Gail’s live events and interviews


Also Pinterest and  Instagram


Top Ten Tools for Manifesting

  1. Program Your Subconscious for Success


When we desire something, we are impressing this onto our subconscious and it is our subconscious that goes about drawing this thing to us. When we think positively and imagine having something, the universe goes to bring it to us. Sometimes we back talk that we don’t deserve it and prevent it from coming. You can use an anchor to direct your thoughts. A small crystal you can carry in your pocket is a great thing to use as an anchor as crystals store positive energy. Hold your object in your hand and rub it gently as you talk to your subconscious about what you want. You are placing your thoughts into the object to Anchor your desires……. To read more go to my blog


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