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Bringing you tons of content to feed the mind body and spirit. Webinars are free unless a charge is listed. Click the link to participate live with us. You may ask questions and even be chosen for a live reading or coaching.

Past Webinars are recorded and will be inside my Inner Circle VIP

Dr. Q, Indian Palm Leaf Institute

Dr. Q, Indian Palm Leaf Institute with Gail Thackray

Is your Destiny on a Sacred Palm Leaf in India?

It is said that sages in Indian, hundreds of years ago, wrote the Destiny of many  people on palm leaves that are now kept in the temples. Dr. Q talks about his work at the Palm Leaf Reading Institute where they search for your leaf and read your destiny.

Sarah Spiritual

Sarah Spiritual with Gail Thackray Reading your future through Tarot and Messages Sarah brings messages from the other-side about the reason we are going through this time, and how we can journey easily. Sarah gives individual readings to live volunteers through scanning their energy.

Lori Spagna

Lori Spagna with Gail Thackray

Raising your Awareness in this coronavirus crisis

Lori Spagna will discuss how are thought patterns and thinking create our life and

How we can change our old beliefs. Lori also channels messages from Divine. Lori

Will give personal mini readings live.

Susan Shumsky

Susan Shumsky with Gail Thackray

Elevate your Consciousness to thrive in coronavirus

Susan is the author of over a dozen books in print world-wide. She has spent years studying in Indian and was a staff member at the Ashram of the famed Beatles’ guru. Susan shows us exactly what technique you need to stay centered during this

and any crisis.

Patricia Robb

Patricia Robb with Gail Thackray

Launch your Spiritual business in this coronavirus shut down part 1 Patricia is the CEO of Good Juju Company, yoga and active wear with a Spiritual message. Turn your passion and purpose into a profitable business. Hiring, manufacturing and distribution. Live questions and coaching.


Zarathustra with Gail Thackray

Fifth Dimensional Quantum Healing during coronavirus

Zarathustra is a 5th Dimensional Quantum healer and discusses raising your  consciousness to the 5th dimension to release yourself from the fear and negativity created in this environment. Zarathustra will choose live volunteers to work on.

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