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New Earth Events

Psychic Fair & Mystic Marketplace

Sacramento  Sunday Dec 8th  10am -6pm

Crowne Plaza Sacramento Northeast

5321 Date Avenue, Sacramento, Ca 95841

11.30am- 12.30 pm Activate Your Psychic Abilities   Free event

We were all born with the ability to “see” “hear” and “know” things on a psychic level but most of us lose the connection as we grow up. Gail will open your third eye to re-activate your psychic abilities and deepen your intuition to enable you to receive a clear connection with your spirit guides. Vivid psychic ability is a must for those wishing to work as energy healers and for enhanced spiritual growth but being more in-tune helps in all areas of your life including relationships, love and career. Learn to switch on and off, read people in business and in life, and protect yourself from negative psychic attacks. There are three main ways we connect, and Gail will help you determine which method will connect you the fastest and give you the clearest vision. Gail will also show you some tools and tricks to get a stronger connection quicker. Gail is the author of “Freaky Life Moments: A Medium’s Path to the Psychic World.” 


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3-5 pm Spiritual Healing from around the world   Free event, VIPs $25

Gail has worked with spiritual healers around the world and she will be teaching you how their modalities work and showing you how you can integrate these energies into your life. Gail will be teaching and demonstrating several types of healing, including Psychic Surgery and Magnetic Healing. The emphasis will be on being able to be more fluid and allowing spiritual energies to work through you, as well as receiving clear psychic messages and working as a medical intuitive. Remove any past life blocks preventing you from being the healer you want to be. Learn how to protect yourself so that you can work at this higher level without draining your own energy or being compromised by negative energies. Previous healing training is great, but beginners are welcome too. This will be a tremendous opportunity to work in circle treatments with powerful healers of many different modalities. VIPs will be seated in the front rows and will receive an individual attunement from Gail to raise your personal level of healing.  VIP $25 

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Sun 7pm  Private Healing Circle $99

Limited to a very small group of 8 or less. I am going to be doing a healing session in my private suite for a small group of people. This would be for healing on yourself, or you can bring photo of a loved one and use yourself as a surrogate. Expect to sell out please pre-register

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