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20th Annual New Living Expo
A Journey to Wellness, Happiness, and Stress-Free Living

APRIL 14 – 16, 2023

3501 Civic Center Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903

Offering Private sessions   Friiday  eve Apr 14  and Saturdy eve April 15

Code for 50% off   NEWLIVING

Sat  Apr 15  12pm – 1pm      Free workshop

Energy Healing- Remove Pain & Emotional Blocks

Are you blocked from money, love or in other areas of your life? Do you have on-going health issues? Both are a sign of an energy block or misalignment. Energy healing often appears miraculous, but it is a simple shift of energy that instantly releases the block. Even difficult physical pain and long-term health problems can suddenly be lifted and negative patterns in your love life, finances and career can be immediately resolved. Write down the three main blocks you wish to release in your life.

Attendees receive an Energy Clearing from Gail and a free small blessed crystal



Sun Apr 16  5.50-7.30 pm    Special event

Trauma Release Through Past Life Regression  


Accessing unresolved karma and early childhood trauma is the fastest way to clear blocks and resolve even “uncurable” health issues. Get tools to quickly regress yourself and others to past lives and hidden trauma to clear it permanently. Years in therapy may not resolve the problem but getting to the root cause can bring instant clarity and “miraculous” results clearing it from your field. Great technique to use on yourself and for healers to bring fast results to your clients (no experience needed). Works on blocks in love, career, finances and health issues.

Attendees receive a Psychic Eye Opening, And a Past-Life Healer Certificate 

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