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Double Pointed Clear Quartz Vogel

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**Add a crystal clearing spray as an option**

**Only $10 Plus No need for extra postage**

These sprays contain smudging sage, blessed water and other cleansing ingredients. Made from all natural organically grown herb and other spiritual ingredients

Approx. 4 inches

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz - Balance, Energizing & Healing - Helps Us Find our own inner light

This particular cut is a Vogel cut. Dr. Vogel was a scientist at IBM for 27 years and he researched quartz crystals extensively and invented the LCD screen ( Light Crystal Display) for computers. Vogel invented this double diamond cut with a male triangle facing out and an upside down female triangle facing in. Vogel believed that this double triangle cut creates a powerful enhancer of energy and provides protection to the wearer. Dr. Vogel was so convinced of this he always wore a pendant of this design and reportedly would never leave the house without one.

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