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Blessed Brazilian Wood Casa Prayer Triangles *Only A Few Available!!*

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Now you can have your own prayer triangle at home!!!

I just brought a few of these home with me from this trip, small and large.

Hurry & order yours now I only have a few to share!

These are blessed and you can use them at home the same way they are used at the Casa!

Don’t forget to include your information in the end of your note (or picture) that you put in your triangle.

After you leave the note in your wooden triangle, visualize as your request is being take care of and that the entities are helping you , focus your intention on releasing your requests to the Divine. You can also visualize as the blessings are being sent in your way!

The Significance of the Triangle -
The triangle is a symbol of significance at the John of God Casa / Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. Historically, the triangle is one of the oldest spiritual symbols, used as the Star of David, the Serifah, the Shaktona, the Seal of Solomon and also representing the Trinity. At the Casa, it is a symbol extended to us to help to easily connect to the Divine. Each side of the triangle represents the spiritual attributes of Faith (Fe), Love (Amore), and Charity (Charidade).

The wooden triangle in your home or meditation room can be used as a place to pray and connect with the Entities. Written prayers and photos are placed in or under the triangle and prayed over. After one week, the prayers can be burnt and sent to the heavens knowing that the prayer has been heard and action in the Spiritual Realm has been taken.

As the Entity, Dr. José Valdivino has remarked, "The triangle symbolizes the sacred family and the center is the ever-present One God."

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