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Conscious Life Expo 

  Feb 7th - 10th, 2020


Hilton Los Angeles Airport (LAX Hilton)
5711 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045 



Spiritual Educator, Success Coach


BOOTH M10 upstairs

“The most spiritually moving event I have seen in years.”

  -Inside Look

Conscious Life Expo

Join me and many other amazing speakers for one of the largest Spiritual Expos in the world. Hundreds of free lecture and amazing workshops. Over 100 vendors. Attendance expected 20,000!!! 

Other amazing speakers  Russell Brand, Greg Braden, Dannion Brinkley, Zarathrustra, Emery Smith, Darryl Anka -Bashar, George Noory and Coast to Coast Radio, Jimmy Church Radio, William Henry (Ancient Aliens), Lisa Garr, Lori Spagna, David Wolfe Nutrition, Susan Miller astrology, Dr Q Moayad Indian Palm Leaf Readings, Kimberly Meredith and many more.

Expect 20,000+ attendees, tons of great vendors, panels, free lectures and amazing workshops, the largest expo of this kind with the best speakers.


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Gail’s workshops at the Expo

Mastering the Law of Attraction


Fri Feb 7th 6-7:30pm La Jolla  Free

Do you feel stuck in your career, love life, finances? Are you experiencing a difficult life situation, crisis or health issue? We are the sum of our thoughts and feelings, including our doubts and fears that hold you back. Wouldn’t you like to instantly remove these negativities and start living your soul purpose? We will re-set your blueprint to program your reality from a DNA level. Learn to use The Law of Attraction on a subconscious level to draw abundance, success, vitality and true happiness. Once you have learned this simple secret you will be able to easily and quickly overcome life’s obstacles. Gail is the author of “30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance,” and the “Prosperity Classics” series with Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Shinn and others. Attendees will receive a free gift. This event is free with expo pass, it is expected to fill, please line up 30 minutes early to ensure a seat.

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Activate Your Psychic Abilities

Sat Feb 8th 8-9:30pm Los Angeles A


We were all born with the ability to “see” “hear” and “know” things on a psychic level but most of us lose the connection as we grow up. Gail will open your third eye to re-activate your psychic abilities and deepen your intuition to enable you to receive a clear connection with your spirit guides. Vivid psychic ability is a must for those wishing to work as energy healers and for enhanced spiritual growth but being more in-tune helps in all areas of your life including relationships, love and career. Learn to switch on and off, read people in business and in life, and protect yourself from negative psychic attacks. There are three main ways we connect, and Gail will help you determine which method will connect you the fastest and give you the clearest vision. Gail is the author of “Freaky Life Moments: A Medium’s Path to the Psychic World.”   

VIPs will be seated in the front rows and will receive an individual activation from Gail. 

$35/$40/VIP$75 VIP (front rows, individual from Gail, limited space)

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Moderator - Spiritual Healing Panel

Sun Feb 9th 3-5pm Plaza Ballroom $10/$15

Gail Thackray will be moderating this Spiritual Healing Panel with Deborah King, Shivananda Swamiji, Kasey and Brad Wallis, Jerry Sargent, Dr. Susan Shumsky and  Igor Galibov

$10/ $15 at the door   Get Tickets 

Monday After Conference

Master Healer Course

Mon Feb 10th 2- 4:30pm Century A

You may have already learned Reiki or other energy healing, however in this course we will learn how to work on a deeper, more intuitive level. Gail will be teaching and demonstrating several types of healing, including Psychic Surgery, Magnetic Healing from the Philippines and Balinese healing. The emphasis will be on being able to be more fluid and allowing spiritual energies to work through you, as well as receiving clear psychic messages and working as a medical intuitive. Remove any past life blocks preventing you from being the healer you want to be. Learn how to protect yourself so that you can work at this higher level without draining your own energy or being compromised by negative energies. Previous healing training is great, but beginners are welcome too. Gail will be working with you individually to raise your personal level of healing, so some people will be Reiki Masters and others will be newbies. This will be a tremendous opportunity to work in circle treatments with powerful healers of many different modalities. Each person will receive an individual attunement from Gail for their level as well as a certificate. Gail is a six generation Reiki Master and has worked with spiritual healers around the world. Gail was given the Filipino energy and the ability to transfer this from famed healer Ambrosio.

$70/ $90 at the door 

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